Why Milo Ventimiglia's 'This Is Us' Role Perfectly Prepares Him For 'Gilmore Girls,' If The Show Continues

If you're a Milo Ventimiglia fan, you're likely reeling from the fact that his character Jess wasn't in the Gilmore Girls revival quite as much as he could (and should) have been. Spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution. Don't get me wrong, I loved every scene featuring Jess, and the series' cliffhanger made it clear that Rory's ex was still very much on the scene and interested in what she did next with her life. While fans try to wait patiently to find out if Netflix is making more Gilmore Girls, they can console themselves with the fact that Luke Danes' nephew is starring in NBC's This Is Us. And in an interview with Interview Magazine, Ventimiglia revealed the inspirations behind his character Jack, the family patriarch on This Is Us, and it's beyond sweet.

As anyone who's seen This Is Us will know, the series is incredibly emotional, with even John Mayer tweeting that he had tears in his eyes while watching the show. Ventimiglia told People that he based his role on his own father and said, "I feel like Jack has the same heart as my father. My father was a very fun dad." Be still my heart. The fact that Ventimiglia's dad inspired his This Is Us character is super heartwarming, and could also tie in perfectly with Gilmore Girls, should the series continue.


At the end of the Netflix revival, Rory revealed that she was pregnant, and while it doesn't seem likely that Jess could be the father, the pair still has a connection. Basically, Jess would make the best dad, and Ventimiglia just proved it. The actor also told People, "I try and reflect a lot on how I was raised by my father in the character that I’m playing now in being a dad. You’ve got to be strong for these kids." The fact that Ventimiglia takes his role on This Is Us so seriously is a real testament to his talents as an actor, but also bodes well for Jess' future on GG.

While Jess and Rory didn't end up together in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, Jess made it clear that he still has feelings for his ex, watching her through the window of her house (in a borderline creepy fashion). As Rory ended up single, having broken off a casual fling with Logan, who was marrying someone else, it's definitely possible that Jess and Rory could end up together after all and he could help her raise her kid. (Sort of like Luke's role in Rory's life, huh?) Team Jess rejoice.

Ventimiglia's latest interview makes it clear that he's ready for any challenge acting-wise, and that he has a great role model when it comes to portraying a father on television. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I'd love to see Jess become a father on Gilmore Girls, and it's exciting to know that Ventimiglia has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Milo Ventimiglia said this in an interview with People instead of Interview Magazine. This has since been corrected.

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