Jennifer Aniston Would Be The Best Superhero Ever

In a preview for an upcoming appearance on Chelsea, Jennifer Aniston revealed she's never been in a superhero film. Why? The Friends actor said she hasn't ever been offered that sort of role. In some ways, this isn't surprising — Aniston's career is firmly rooted in comedy, alongside some impressive dramatic turns in movies like Cake and The Good Girl. When asked by Handler what she would do if she got offered the role of a superhero, Aniston said, “I would be psyched." While the Just Go With It star was undoubtedly joking in her reply, I would love to see her be offered a role in a superhero franchise. Here are just some of the reasons Aniston would be the best superhero ever. Hear me out on this one.

On Chelsea, Aniston had some stipulations regarding the type of superhero she'd want to be. The actor said, "I would want to be the really uncoordinated superhero, because I just, I couldn’t take myself seriously leaping out of somewhere in a full leather something.” While she clearly thought the idea was hilarious, there are plenty of superheroes with a comic edge to them, such as Deadpool, and Ant-Man, which integrated a sly sense of humor into their scripts. Aniston would be the perfect fit for a comedic superhero, and there are several reasons I'd love to see her in a comic book movie.

1. She Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously

Aniston has never taken herself too seriously, meaning that it wouldn't be a massive leap for her to wear a cape and jump off of buildings.

2. She Has Great Comedic Timing

Ten years as Rachel Green on Friends and countless roles in comedy blockbusters, have proven just how funny Aniston is, which would be a great asset in a superhero movie.

3. She's Best Buds With Paul Rudd

Having co-starred with Paul Rudd in several movies (including The Object Of My Affection) and on several seasons of Friends, Aniston has a great rapport with the actor that plays Ant-Man, making her an amazing addition to the Marvel universe.

4. She Works Out... A Lot

Aniston has an enviable physique from years of eating and exercising well, meaning that it wouldn't be difficult for her to get in shape to play a superhero.

5. She's Passionate About Gender Equality

If there's anything the superhero cinematic universe needs right now, it's gender equality. As an outspoken feminist, Aniston could be a refreshing female character in an often male-dominated universe.

6. She Promotes Body Confidence

Addressing even more pregnancy rumors in June 2016, the actor's publicist told Entertainment Tonight, "She is not pregnant... What you see is her having just enjoyed a delicious big lunch and her feeling safe on private property." Aniston's honesty shows a real body confidence, in standing up for women everywhere who had been belittled for looking overweight or pregnant in the eyes of others.

7. She'll Change Her Appearance For A Role

From elaborate '80s outfits in Friends to body transformations in independent movies like Cake, Aniston isn't afraid to appear vulnerable on screen.

8. She Has Perfect Hair

Aniston has always been my hair idol, and I'm pretty sure that perfect hair is synonymous with superhero, right?

9. She's Acted Opposite Movie Heavyweights

A big superhero movie role wouldn't phase the woman that's acted opposite Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and Jim Carrey. She has nothing to left to prove and would rock a superhero role.

10. People Underestimate Her

While Aniston has never been typecast, despite starring in a sitcom for a decade, audience members and critics haven't always taken her seriously in drama or thriller movies. She has the range to handle any genre, which is why it'd be so satisfying to see her play a superhero leading role.

11. She Looks Great In A Mask


12. She Has Action Experience

In 1993's Leprechaun, Aniston proved that she can overcome any obstacle, even if it means battling a horror movie villain, meaning that she's well-prepared for anything a comic book movie could throw at her.

You can see Aniston's full interview on Chelsea on Netflix starting Dec. 9.

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