Regina & Emma Are Stuck On 'OUAT'

I know I’ve certainly had bad days where it felt like I just couldn’t escape from what was going wrong, but Once Upon A Time has forced me to reconsider my own plights. You see, Emma and Regina are stuck in a fake Enchanted Forest on Once Upon A Time , and I’m not quite sure how — or if — they’ll be able to get out. Kind of puts my bad subway commute in perspective, huh?

Regina and Emma ended up in a dream world because Emma herself was stuck in a dream. She wished once that she weren’t the savior, and Evil Queen Regina heard this, and in being in possession of Aladdin’s genie (well, in this case, Aladdin is the genie), wished that Emma would get her wish. Poof! Emma was sent to be the demure daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, along with Henry as her son. They had not a care in the world, the Evil Queen having been banished. Since Regina and the Evil Queen are the same person, Regina gamed the system and used the genie lamp herself to be sent to where Emma was, disguising herself as the Evil Queen to get Emma to react and be the hero everyone knows her to be. It worked, fortunately, but when Emma and Regina used a magic bean to get back to Storybrooke, the appearance of Robin Hood (who is dead) distracted Regina. The bean hole closed up, and poof — Regina and Emma are now stuck in this dream world.

So… what happens now? I think it’s fitting that Regina is the one who got stuck because of her. Earlier in the episode, the Evil Queen said that love is weakness, and it’s Regina (who is technically the Evil Queen) whose love screwed this all up. There was a flash of an engagement ring in the promo video for next season, and I know the fan favorite engagement is Emma and Hook, but what if its Robin and Regina? Can their love be brought back from death? Oh, and will Regina and Emma ever escape fake Enchanted Forest land? Maybe love will conquer all.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC; Giphy