Your Fave 'Westworld' Fan Will Love These Gifts

It's quite a shock to come out of an entrancing, engrossing freshman season of a new series, only to learn that you won't be getting any new episodes for over a year. Such is the dilemma that Westworld fans are currently facing, since HBO has announced that Season 2 of the sci-fi drama won't be airing until sometime in 2018. But it's OK! The holidays are right around the corner, which means you can help soothe the separation anxiety of the beloved Westworld fan in your life with some perfectly-timed, Westworld themed gifts!

Conveniently, the HBO series basically offers you two shows for the price of one when trying to decide what to get, since you can either go with a Western-style gift, like the titular park itself, or you can go with a more technological motif, like the behind-the-scenes gizmos of the Delos Corporation. You can get things that are directly related to the HBO series itself, items that popped up within the show as Easter eggs, or even just gifts that are tangentially related and keeping with the frontier-future spirit of Westworld.

Here are 11 ideas of what to get your favorite Westworld fan, starting with the most appropriate gift of all:

1. Where It All Started…

Westworld (1973), $6, Amazon

If they haven't yet seen the original 1973 film on which the show is based, now's the perfect time! If they like this one, you can get them the 1976 sequel, Futureworld, and the 1980 TV show, Beyond Westworld, as follow-up gifts for holidays spanning the long wait for Season 2.

2. Their Very Own Maze To Solve

Wood Labyrinth Board Game, $8, Amazon

Poor William spent his whole life trying to find the center of the maze, only to learn that it was… literally a maze, and a toy one at that. But a similar gift shouldn't disappoint the Westworld fan in your life — though it may drive them a little crazy.

3. This Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland : Collectible Edition, $9, Barnes & Noble

Season 1 was littered with references to this classic children's tale, from Dolores' dress to Bernard's bedtime reading selection for his dying son. Sadly, most people only know Alice from the 1951 animated Disney film and not the terrifically trippy book itself. Now's the perfect time to rectify that mistake!

4. This Reminder Of The Divine Gift Of Intellect

The Creation Of Adam Poster, $13, Amazon

During the epic Season 1 finale, Dr. Ford regaled Dolores with the story of Michelangelo's famous painting, The Creation Of Adam . This print can hang on their wall as a constant stylish but subtle reference to their new favorite show.

5. This Cozy Winter Garment

Westworld Sweatshirt, $45, Redbubble

It doesn't look like anything to me… except for the coziest winter-wear perfect for someone who gets adorably grumpy in the cold weather.

6. This Violent Delight

Romeo + Juliet , $6, Amazon

One of the most famous lines in the show is actually one of the most famous lines from another show. "These violent delights have violent ends" is a quote from Romeo And Juliet — and what better version to gift a Westworld fan than Baz Luhrmann's updated take on the classic tale?

7. This Appropriate Beverage

High West Whiskey Double Rye, $30, Wine Anthology

Whether they need something to warm their gullet during a blizzard, something appropriate to sip on during their Westworld re-watch, or something to drown their sorrows during the long wait for Season 2, this classic Western beverage should do the trick.

8. This Appropriate Beverage Container

I Failed The Turing Test Travel Mug, $11, Cafe Press

The true test of any artificial intelligence system is whether or not it can past the Turing Test… but even a human might be hard-pressed to pass it before their morning cup of coffee.

9. This Book Of Mind-Bending Puzzles

Of Course!: The Greatest Collection Of Riddles & Brainteasers For Expanding Your Mind , $8, Barnes & Noble

Warning: Don't try to tackle these brainteasers before drinking that morning cup of coffee! The plot of Westworld is basically one giant puzzle, and it's important to keep your mind exercised between seasons.

10. This Companion Series

Dollhouse: The Complete Series, $32, Amazon

Westworld has a lot of influences, from the aforementioned Alice In Wonderland to the classic film Blade Runner — it's also been compared heavily to Lost — but the modern show it more closely resembles is Joss Whedon's short-lived FOX series.

11. This Amazing Soundtrack

Westworld: Season 1 (Music From The Series), $10, Amazon

OK, so you can't actually get them this soundtrack for the holidays, since it won't be available until Feb. 3; but they would probably love an IOU coupon as a stocking stuffer! With tracks like Paint It Black, House Of The Rising Sun, and Exit Music (For A Film), it has all of composer Ramin Djawadi's incredible adaptations of modern pop songs in an epic, 2-disc, 34-song collection.

Time's running out, so you better start shopping fast! But if you get your favorite Westworld fan one of these presents, they're sure to have a very happy holiday indeed.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO; Amazon (6); Barnes & Noble (2); Redbubble; High West Distillery; Cafe Press