Why Wasn’t Selena Gomez Nominated For A 2017 Grammy? 'Revival' Didn't Earn Her A Nod

While fans of Adele and Beyoncé are feeling pretty great regarding nominations for the 2017 Grammys, some other fandoms aren't faring so well. Fans have taken to Twitter enraged by the news that Selena Gomez wasn't nominated for a 2017 Grammy. Her album Revival was released during the Grammys eligibility period, as it came out on Oct. 9, 2015, but the performer hasn't made it into any categories for 2017. So why wasn't Gomez nominated for a 2017 Grammy? The snub actually goes far deeper than this year's nominations, as the pop star has yet to be nominated for a Grammy in her entire career.

The actress and singer released two singles from Revival in 2016, which were both eligible for the Grammys, but neither "Hands To Myself" or "Kill Em With Kindness" were recognized. Along with the release of Revival , Gomez also revealed that she has lupus, and has been treated with chemotherapy for the chronic illness. Her ongoing personal relationship with her fans has a lot to do with why they're taking to Twitter to defend Gomez's lack of Grammy nominations. Is there anything the artist could have done differently to secure a nod at the 2017 Grammys? Revival is, by far, her best album yet.

Mostly because it's also her most personal album to date. Released the same week she revealed her lupus diagnosis, Revival marks a new era for the singer in a big way. As Bustle writer Alex Kritselis wrote in July 2015, Gomez's latest album is "about the many different ways she's grown and changed as a human being and artist over the past several years." The artist left Hollywood Records for a deal with Interscope in 2014, proving that she wanted a brand new start, and to reestablish herself in the music industry. Rolling Stone's review of Revival called it "the sound of a newly empowered pop artist growing into her strengths like never before."

It's hard to believe that Gomez failed to net any Grammy nominations with such an impressive record, but it feels as though her career is heading in a direction, stronger and more exciting than ever. Her fans aren't giving up hope entirely, and and keeping the belief that one day the singer will take home one of those much coveted Grammys.