Who Plays Nelson In 'Fuller House'? Season 2 Brings A New Face To An Old Character

Season 2 of Fuller House, which lands on Netflix Friday, promises to be just as fun and zany as the first return outing with the Tanner-Fuller family. It also promises to include more guest stars, including old cameos from the original series. While the trailer hinted that while Stephanie will be exploring a new romance, D.J. will be experiencing more run-ins with old flames. One such old flame that we know we're seeing? Fuller House Season 2 includes Nelson, D.J.'s dorky, rich ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, the original actor who portrayed Nelson, Jason Marsden, won't be returning to the role because of personal commitments, he explained on Twitter. So, who is playing Nelson on Fuller House now?

Meet the "new" Nelson: Hal Sparks. You probably already know him from Showtime's Queer As Folk, where he played Michael Notovny, though you might also know him from his guest starring roles in other TV shows like Frasier, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Martial Law and Las Vegas. According to TVLine, D.J. will run into Nelson at her high school reunion in Fuller House Season 2. Knowing D.J., it will probably be a totally awkward run-in, because what run-in with an old ex isn't awkward, you know?

Here are some other places where you might have seen Sparks over the years:

Small Screen


Most recently, Sparks has returned to his roots of playing a character who is a billionaire. He's currently playing a rich and egotistical father named Donald Davenport on Lab Rats, the Disney XD series that's been running since 2011.

Silver Screen


You might remember Sparks from his breakout role as Zoltan in Dude, Where's My Car? According to his IMDB page, he's also appeared in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and he had a bit role in Spider-Man 2.

What A Host


Sparks isn't just a TV or movie actor. He's known for his hosting duties and has appeared on numerous iterations of VH1's popular decade culture series starting with I Love The 70's. He's also hosted Comedy Central's Talk Soup and online award shows like the Streamys.

Sing For Me

Remember Celebrity Duets? Sparks was a contestant on the first season back in 2006.

He's A Real Comedian

Sparks added stand-up to his list of accomplishments in 2011, when he started touring the US with John Fugelsang and Stephanie Miller as part of the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour.

Music Video Famous

Not to be outdone, Sparks has also appeared in music videos. He plays himself in Fall Out Boy's "Beat It" video and in Steel Panther's "Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World."

D.J.'s ex-beau has a lot of talents he can offer — if they get back together, that is. And since last season ended with D.J. refusing to commit to someone, don't get your hopes up. Still, it'll be fun to see some old flames return, even if they're a little different.

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