'Fuller House' Is Bringing Back More Old Faves

One of the most enjoyable things about Netflix's Full House revival is that fans got to check in with characters and see how the decades have treated them. The show is coming back for another season, and they're bringing more of your faves on board. In an interview with Bustle, Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin confirmed two Fuller House guest stars from the original series, and hinted that there may be more! "Fans of the original series will be very delighted," says Barber. "I can guarantee."

Potentially complicating DJ's love life is the return of Nelson, an eccentric and wealthy teen character from Season 8 of Full House. "We see Nelson come back," she says, "one of DJ's old love interests. He comes back, but he's played by Hal Sparks this time, we had to do a little recasting." He was originally played by Jason Marsden in the original series. If you remember, the character was always a little more into DJ than she was into him — and he even went out with Kimmy to try to make her jealous. Does that mean that Viper, Nelson's rival for D.J.'s heart at the time, could also return?

Another returning character is the iconic Gia, Stephanie's rebellious friend and the Kimmy to her DJ. She repeated a grade, smokes cigarettes, teaches Stephanie about makeup, and did not get along with Michelle. Her mom also dated Danny, which could make her return to the seres even more interesting. "You'll have to watch though to see if she brings her cigarettes back or not," says Barber. "Everyone's wondering, 'Is she gonna smoke? ... Is she still rebellious?' I don't know."

While Nelson and Gia are the only ones that can be disclosed at the time, "there are more," adds Sweetin. "There's a few other fun characters."

Personally, the returning character that I want to see most is noted song and dance man Derek, played by Blake McIver Ewing, the Draco Malfoy of the American '90s. There's also Duane, Kimmy's boyfriend, and Danny's old co-host and love interest VIcky. It would be cool to see Tahj Mowry, Miko Hughes, and Jurnee Smollet-Bell return to their respective roles as Michelle's other friends Teddy, Aaron, and Denise. All three of those actors are still working today. Just because Michelle is MIA on the show doesn't mean that her friends can't stop by.

Or, I don't know, just throwing this out there, what if Ashley Olsen played Michelle's Greek cousin/doppleganger Melina? There are so many ways for Full House characters to return in Fuller House, and it looks like the show has more than a few surprises planned for Season 2.

Images: Michael Yarish/Netflix; Giphy (2)