10 Unexpected Red Wine Recipes To Warm You Up This Winter

It's always a good time for red wine, of course, but it's definitely having a Moment-with-a-capital-M right now. We keep hearing about more and more unexpected ways to use red wine in cooking — and honestly, most of us probably can't get enough. Sure, many of us enjoy a glass or two, but there are also plenty of ways to incorporate the tannic liquid into our dinner recipes. And our dessert recipes. And, well... pretty much all of our recipes.

Lately, you might have heard about the now-viral red wine brownies or the red wine hot chocolate recipe; both of them began sweeping the nation as soon as the weather started to get chilly. Most recently, a popular red wine spaghetti recipe has won the affection of the foodie masses. On the whole, cooking with red wine is pretty simple; the kind of wine and amount you use varies greatly by recipe, though, so it's always good to double check before you start pouring. Because no one wants to waste wine, right?

Why do people love cooking with red wine? If you enjoy it to begin with, you know it can add a lovely depth and nuance to your meal, whether you're drinking it by the glass or incorporating it into a dish. Wine is also versatile, and if you consider yourself an aficionado, you may enjoy discovering which wines work best with which combination of flavors, textures, and cooking times.

While there are a huge variety of ways to cook with red wine, here are some of the most unexpected recipes for cooking with red wine. Have fun experimenting in the kitchen!

1. Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes

Red wine and chocolate complement each other wonderfully, so it only makes since that they'd be excellent baked in cupcake form, too. Thanks to Table For Two, this recipe is perfectly accessible for date night.

2. Red Wine Boozy Truffles

Also thanks to Table For Two, you can enjoy bite-sized red wine chocolate truffles.

3. Goulash With Red Wine

Courtesy of Budget Bytes, you can use red wine to bring together a delicious goulash that will last you for meals to come. Bonus: It's super wallet-friendly!

4. Lamb Chops with Pomegranate and Red Wine Sauce

If you want to enjoy something decadent, give this lamb chop recipe from Closet Cooking a try. You won't be disappointed!

5. Braised Lentils and Sausage in Red Wine

Craving a warm, hearty meal? This lentils and sausage dinner from Big Girls Small Kitchen is sure to keep you full.

6. Lasagna Soup

Red wine and Italian food go together like nothing else, so it only makes sense that putting red wine in this lasagna-inspired soup will bring it to the next level. A Farm Girl's Dabbles definitely has the right idea with this one!

7. Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon Soup

Want something you can throw in a pot and forget about? Definitely try out Baked by Rachel's Beef Bourguignon Soup recipe — the red wine develops a more nuanced flavor thanks to the slow cooking.

8. Salted Chocolate Pot with Red Wine Cream

In the mood for a rich, creamy dessert? Thanks to London Bakes' saliva-inducing recipe, you can bring your chocolate to the next level with a red wine cream.

9. One Pot French Onion Pasta Bake

In the winter, we all tend to crave delightfully carb-heavy meals. This one-pot pasta recipe uses red wine to heighten the richness of traditional french onion soup, making this recipe from Half Baked Harvest a keeper.

10. Red Wine Spaghetti

Tasty on YouTube

If you love food videos, you're undoubtedly familiar with Tasty's creations. Their red wine spaghetti recipe is a simple classic that adds a touch of class to an otherwise standard dinner.

Images: Freestocks.org/Pexels; courtesy of blogs