Former 'Game Of Thrones' Star Finn Jones Has An Iron Throne Theory That Makes So Much Sense

Saying goodbye to Loras Tyrell was no easy task. The warrior was brought to his knees by the High Sparrow and then Cersei blew the entire Sept up around him, leaving nothing but scorched earth in her wake. Luckily, star Finn Jones made it out unscathed and ready to tackle a superhero role as the titular character in the upcoming Netflix series, Iron Fist. According to a new interview with Vulture, Jones happens to have an intriguing Game of Thrones theory about how the HBO show should end.

While most endgame theories revolve around who will sit on the Iron Throne when all of the battles have been waged, Jones' idea is one I suspect both Loras and his dead lover and former king hopeful, Renly, would've supported. Jones believes the different factions currently squabbling over power should destroy each other, leading to a scenario where there is no Iron Throne and each realm can be left to govern themselves. Out of those ashes, a small council would be assembled to build positive relations between the realms and help with the distribution of power. In other words, true democracy would reign in Westeros and the old system of power resting with one king or queen would be abolished.

"Hopefully, a more democratic and more progressive era will arise on Westeros," Jones told Vulture. "I think that's a really nice, positive way to end the story, and I think we need that right now."


Jones' dream for a positive political end for the characters on Game of Thrones is in direct response to the current state of real-life politics, and he is absolutely right. The best possible ending would be one where there was no Iron Throne left for the characters to fight over. If Westeros can survive the winter, the white walkers, and Cersei's reign, the Seven Kingdoms should see spring as a chance for a fresh start. Giving power to a select few has been disastrous, so why not try sharing power among the kingdoms and working together for the betterment of the realm?

Given Daenerys and Jon Snow are the two characters who represent fire and ice in the show, and the two who are the most likely contenders to win the final battle, Jones' theory is not out of the realm of possibilities. Jon and Dany know what it is to be oppressed. Dany calls herself the "breaker of chains" and went through the slave cities liberating as many people as she possibly could. Meanwhile, Jon learned firsthand the high cost of blind loyalty during his time in the Night's Watch. If anyone is going to rid Westeros of the Iron Throne, it is those two.

Jones feels Game of Thrones should use its far reach as one of TV's most popular series to show the world a political future built on equality and hope, rather than one where a centralized power rules over everyone. His idea is a beautiful one. Real-life politics can be every bit as disturbing as what is happening in Westeros — if the Starks and Lannisters can find peace, then it truly would give fans hope for the real world.


"The world is a really f*cking weird place right now, and we need someone telling a hopeful, positive, progressive story about politics and power. Why not let it be Game of Thrones, one of the most watched shows, if not the most watched show, in the world?" Jones mused to Vulture.

Are you listening Game of Thrones writers? I think Ser Loras just came up with the perfect ending for the citizens of Westeros.

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