The LuMee Duo & Original LuMee Are Different

Attention world: you are never allowed to use "bad lighting" as an excuse ever again — especially this time around. LuMee, creator of the ultimate selfie smartphone case, has unveiled its latest model: the LuMee Duo. Twice the glow, twice the ways to polish your Instagram photography to perfection. The original LuMee case happens to be Kim Kardashian's secret weapon to killer selfies, and now with a fresh addition to the family, playing Queen of Selfies (and photographer) has taken a new meaning. So, what's the difference between the LuMee Duo and the original LuMee?

The answer: double the illumination. Yes, you heard right — the LuMee Duo smartphone case features studio-quality front and back facing lights. Two lenses, two lights, infinite ways to capture life. Rest assured, both your future selfies and Sunday brunch snapshots will get the star treatment.

Think of the LuMee Duo as the cooler, older sister of the first version — cutting-edge, sophisticated and with a picturesque Insta feed to boot. While the original LuMee case is only equipped with LED lighting on the left and right sides, the LuMee Duo goes to the next level with front-facing and back-facing lighting.

And this one is for those who have mastered the art of dropping (and cracking) their beloved iPhones: the LuMee Duo comes in a sleek new design with a tough outer shell and rubberized edges for top-notch phone protection. Shattered screens no more.

"We created the LuMee Duo to bring customers the ultimate creative tool that will revolutionize the digital photography industry by eliminating the need for bulky lighting equipment and allowing photographers of all skill levels to take flawless, beautifully lit images and videos from their iPhone,” Robert G. Pedersen II, partner and LuMee's Chairman and CEO, said in the press release. “This is a must-have case for anyone who enjoys taking beautiful photographs.”

The LuMee Duo is available exclusively at, select Apple Stores and for $69.95.

The case is available for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus and comes in four styles: Black Matte, White Glossy, Gold Matte and Rose Matte.

Now the ultimate choice is which color to get...

Images: Courtesy LuMee