You Can Get Early Access To The Kylie Shop

It's almost time, and I'm not talking about Christmas. For fans of Kylie Jenner, Friday, Dec. 9 and Saturday, Dec. 10 are their real holidays because the Kylie Shop is opening, and some fans are getting official, exclusive access to the online Kylie Shop thanks to Jenner's generosity. If her current Kylie Cosmetics 12 Days of Christmas event wasn't enough to prove to people that she loves her fans, this surprise — even if it's not part of that particular event — will definitely do that as well.

According to a post to her personal website, Kylie Jenner is giving subscribers to her site early access to the online Kylie Shop. The post explains that the access will only be granted if you're using the app which means fans will need to download it if they haven't already. As for how much of an advance they get it? It's a full 15 minutes.

You may be thinking that 15 minutes is really not that much time, but if you're acquainted with Kylie Cosmetics you know that Jenner's products can sell out in under two minutes. If I had to guess, the Kylie Shop online merchandise will be the same way. While Jenner is probably aware of this, it seems as though she truly wants to reward the most loyal of her fans.

So far, the list of merchandise seems vast for the online portion of the store. Jenner's physical Kylie Shop will be carrying Kylie Cosmetics and exclusive merchandise, but it's the online store that seems as if it will have the highest quantities of Jenner's new merchandise.

From phone cases, hoodies, underwear, socks, and tees, the shop basically has anything and everything you could want with Jenner's face or name on it. Whether it's literally her face on a tee shirt of the now famous Kylie Cosmetics logo on a phone case, everything is very distinctly Kylie, and fans are stoked.

People have been wondering about Kylie merchandise for a while now, especially after she was seen rocking a Kylie Cosmetics hat. Now, they know where to get those items.

It's time for fans to get ready to shop, and if they're Kylie app subscribers, they're definitely got a leg up on the shopping competition. No matter what, though, I'm guessing this shop is going to be a smash.