Allison Janney, Kristen Wiig, & Sam Rockwell Reuniting For Your New Favorite Movie

Be still our cinematic-loving hearts: When we saw the names Allison Janney, Kristen Wiig, Sam Rockwell, Nat Faxon, and Jim Rash all clumped together our body began to shake with the uncontrollable glee of a small purse dog. Because we'll be damned if all those names together — aside from being a reunion-plus of The Way Way Back proportions — don't create one hell of an ingredient list for what's bound to be everyone who loves good things' new favorite movie. And, thank goodness of all the goodnesses, that's exactly what they're trying to do: make a new movie called The Heart !

Faxon and Rash — writers and directors of films like The Descendants and The Way Way Back (in addition to Rash's confusingly charming work as Dean Pelton on NBC's Community and host of Sundance Channel's The Writers' Room ) — have already confirmed that Wiig will star in the we're-sure-to-be comedy as a cash-strapped woman who agrees to transport black market organs with a man she just met, a role hopefully going to Rockwell. And, barring any complications with her shooting schedule on CBS' Mom, Janney will hopefully play Wiig's boss, an intimidating broad with two boyfriends. (Oh, she'd be so good at that.) Obviously this film's going to have a lot of body to it — ahyuck.

Unfortunately, none of this is confirmed-confirmed yet (The Wrap reports its all just talks at the moment), but seriously: How good would this movie be? HOW GOOD?! (The answer is obviously: so good.) Between Faxon and Rash's impeccable script work and truly delightful directing style, and the comedic timings of Wiig, Janney, and Rockwell, well: this film is basically begging to be added to my DVD collection. (Because, yes, I still buy DVDs!) Please, movie gods, let this be, for it will be good.