Justin Bieber & Austin Mahone's Collaboration Is All About Respect, You Guys — PHOTO

This is a "power pop" duo for the decades. Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone have teamed up to collaborate because even Bieber needs a protege. Also, anyone else forgot that Bieber made music? I just thought that he went to jail and found himself as a ubiquitous presence in the blogospphere. Silly me.

Pop music's resident "bad boy" Instagrammed himself and Mahone chillin' in the studio as Mahone likely flexed his poetic muscles with his blissfully inane lyrics (see: "U" for further reference). In the pic, the two stand next to Cash Money founder Birdman and Young Money president Mack Maine, and the caption in the picture says "New Music #YMCMB." That's right, new music.

Apparently, the two are teaming up and really respect each other....'s music. I'm not sure if the17-year-old Mahone considers Bieber to be a role model (although it does take a certain kind of individual to reach a level of notoriety so high that even the president of Taco Bell denounces you on Reddit), although Bieber may wish he could turn back time to when he was 17.

While no one's touting this joint efforts as on par with, say, Shakira and Beyonce's 2009 collaboration, The remaining Beliebers and all of the Mahomies are likely going nuts.

And remember — since the two respect each other's musical proclivity, this should be a respectful collaboration! And seriously! You can, like, see all of the respect in the room:

So much respect. So much.

Image: justinbieber/Instagram