14 Last-Minute Gifts For 'Game Of Thrones' Fans

I think it is pretty statistically correct to assume that every single human on this earth is friends with at least one Game of Thrones fan. We are creeping around every corner and we may even be expecting a gift from you this holiday season. As you may know, the show has been warning fans for six seasons about the weather, and it has finally happened: Winter came and the holidays are coming right along with it. If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect last-minute holiday gift for the Game of Thrones fan in your life, I am here to help you.

First, figure out what kind of Game of Thrones fan that you have on your hands. Do you have a purist? You know, someone who reads the books from cover to cover and lord over show-watchers with their intimate knowledge of what comes next in the series? Or, do you have a casual fan? This would be someone who DVR's the whole season and just catches an episode every now and then whenever they have time. These people have no sense of urgency when it comes to catching up but they dig the series all the same. All GoT fans are good fans, but once you understand which fan you are dealing with, you can head to this list and choose their perfect gift. Grab them soon though, because you want to make sure that no one will be left without some spoils this season.

1. Canned Dragon Meat

Canned Dragon Meat, $9.99, ThinkGeek

I mean, this is clearly for the true fan. Who among you doesn't want to take a bite out of Drogon? Also, one can apparently contains "100% of your daily value of havoc, terror, inferno, destruction, magic, and rage," so it is perfect for those fans anxiously waiting for Season 7. (I have no idea what (if anything) actually comes in this can, so maybe just display it?)

2. Iron Throne Ornament

Iron Throne Ornament, $8.72, Amazon

If you have Prime then you can make sure this arrives at your door before Christmas. Every kind of fan needs the Iron Throne to hang on their tree. It's not really a Christmas tree without the most recognizable symbol of hundreds of fallen kings, am I right?

3. Direwolf Pup

Direwolf Pup Plush, $19.99, ThinkGeek

Well, it's not a real Direwolf pup of your very own, but a stuffed replica will certainly do the trick. After all, any fan knows that Season 6 really sucked for Direwolves. Now, fans can snuggle their own fake ones and hope that Ghost makes it to the very end of the series alive.

4. Periodic Table Of Game Of Thrones Characters

The Table Of Thrones, $22.00, The Geekerie/Etsy

This is pretty rad because it can even help a casual fan understand the all of the seemingly infinite alliances, family ties and houses that this series throws our way.

5. Game Of Thrones Mug

Game Of Thrones Coffee Mug, $13.99, Amazon

Trust me, they will get it.

6. 3D Puzzle

Kings Landing 3D Puzzle, $29.99, ThinkGeek

Any fan will tell you that Game of Thrones has one of the best opening sequences of any television series. If you aren't jamming to that epic theme song the entire time that the map of Westeros and beyond twists and turns before each episode, then you should check your pulse. This puzzle is a replica of the King's Landing part of the 3D map in the opening credits and you simply can't go wrong with this as a gift.

7. Game Of Thrones Apron

Dinner Is Coming Apron, $28.95, Amazon

This one can get to you quick, so there is not worry about whether you will have to hand over a belated holiday gift. Maybe they can cook up some of that canned dragon meat? Or a meat pie perhaps? The culinary possibilities are endless and let's be honest, it looks pretty snazzy.

8. A Digital Print

"I Drink And I Know Things" Digital Download, $5.00, LUCIAandLUCIANA/Etsy

This one is cheap, instant, and hilarious. This is a pretty well-known quote from Tyrion and fans would love to hang this on their walls. This one if great because you simply download the print and all your need is a frame, so it is an instant gift that you won't need to worry about shipping issues with.

9. House Hats And Scarves

Game Of Thrones House Beanie & Scarf Sets, $44.99, ThinkGeek

Every fan wants to show their house loyalty and now that we are living the words on the Stark's house sigil, everyone could use some snuggle scarves and hats.

10. Baratheon Crown Ornament

Baratheon Crown Tree Ornament $10.79 Amazon

Raise your hand if you always secretly loved Joffrey's thorny antler crown. That thing was awesome and now you can hang it from your tree!

11. Mother Of Dragons Targaryen Candle

Mother of Dragons 2 oz. Candle, $ 7.99, Amazon

I am not sure if this smells like Dany, Targaryens as a whole, or her dragons but either way, I am curious. This will keep your favorite fan warm until Season 7, which unfortunately could be a long, cold wait.

12. Guide To Westeros Pop-Up Book

Guide To Westeros Pop-Up Book, $45.32, Amazon

This seems like a pop-up book from hell, huh? Just know that any Game of Thrones fan will love this. It is always fascinating to dive into George R.R. Martin's fictional world that he has created and this is a perfect way to take that trip from the comfort of your couch.

13. Game of Thrones Cookbook

A Feast Of Ice And Fire Cookbook, $23.67, Amazon

Another must-have gift. This would go great with that apron I suggested. Who hasn't wondered what that meat pie tastes like? Maybe there is a recipe for the god-awful ale that the Night's Watch makes. So exciting!

14. Game Of Thrones Trivia Game

Game Of Thrones: The Trivia Game, $31.99, Amazon

If your friend loves this show, then they love to know off their knowledge of the vast amount of minutia that it involves. This trivia game is sure to be a hit at the season premiere watch party that is surely happening next year.

See? It is really easy to buy last-minute things for Game of Thrones fans, if you just know where to look.

Images: HBO; ThinkGeek (4); Amazon (8); Etsy(2)