10 Holiday Makeup Tutorials For Your Next Party

It's official: The holiday season is here, and with it comes parties and gatherings aplenty. From office shindigs to going out with friends, there's a plethora of occasions with all different dress codes. These 10 holiday makeup tutorials are great for multiple occasions. No matter how formal, how casual, or how much of a night out on the town you plan to have, there's a look that's going to be perfect.

With the incredible increase in popularity of YouTube beauty gurus over the past few years, it makes sense that makeup addicts or even casual cosmetics wearers would be seeking advice online. With some serious knowledge to be found on YouTube, there's not much of a need to worry about finding the best look for the rest of your holiday parties.

While your fashion needs are probably already met thanks to Black Friday sales — and probably some of your makeup needs, too, let's be honest — how to create the perfect look is still in question. Whether you want a deep smoky eye for an evening shindig or your company is having a Christmas happy hour that's a bit more casual, different events call for different looks. Thank God for Youtube, right?

These 10 holiday makeup tutorials will get you through no matter what your style preference.

1. Glittering Silver

Want to channel snow queen glam? NikkieTutorials has you covered.

2. Classic Red Lip

Red is always a good choice, and it's so versatile.

3. Jewel Toned Smoke

This KyShadow tutorial is perfect for the holidays.

4. Holiday Glow

Want to glow, but not glitter? This is how.

5. Holiday Do's & Don'ts

A little reminder of what to do and not to do never hurts.

6. Neutral Look

Want something you could adapt for the work day before an evening party? This look is for you.

7. Golden Beauty

There's something about gold that just screams holiday, right?

8. Vampy Beauty

If vampy is your thing, this will be perfect.

9. Quick and Easy Beauty

It's hard to beat simple and easy beauty.

10. Holiday Drama

If you want to go all out, then this dramatic glam from Jaclyn Hill is going to be perfect for you.

Check out YouTube, practice a bit, and you'll be ready to kill it at your holiday event.

Image: NikkieTutorials/Instagram