The Best Non-Makeup Gifts For Makeup Lovers

by Miki Hayes

Holiday shopping can be pretty difficult. Especially if you're shopping for the beauty-obsessed person in your life, it may seem like she already has more makeup than she could possibly ever use in one lifetime. So instead of adding to her likely overflowing collection, how about opting for a makeup-themed gift instead? The theme will still feed her addiction, but the alternative use of something that isn't actually supposed to be applied to her face will give a little variety.

Sure, a traditional beauty gift is always a great way to go. But if you're a little unsure as to what your giftee doesn't already own, or what color lipstick she would prefer, a makeup-themed gift is the perfect choice. And you may be surprised just how many cute options there are from mugs, to phone cases, to even makeup bags. (Hey, she does need somewhere to store it all, right?) Besides, there isn't any beauty lover out there who doesn't get excited when she sees lipstick printed on clothes, accessories, or even home decor. So you can still surprise the beauty-obsessed person in your life with something you know she'll love, here are 16 gifts that will add to her collection in a totally unique way:

1. "Pretty On The Inside" Tee

AEO Soft & Sexy Pocket T-Shirt, $25, American Eagle Outfitters

What beauty lover wouldn't want to walk around with makeup in her pocket?

2. Lashes Cardholder

Icon Cardholder, $10, Urban Outfitters

For the girl whose lashes = life, this cardholder is a must.

3. Lipstick Print Mug

Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug, $25, Shopbop

The feeling every lipstick-lover knows captured in such a chic way.

4. "I Have Way More Makeup At Home" Pouch

I Have Way More Makeup At Home Pouch, $17, Pamela Barsky

Although this almost goes without saying for any makeup collector, this cheeky pouch will definitely still ring true for the beauty-obsessed person in your life.

5. Red Lips Socks

Conversational Crew Sock, $14, Urban Outfitters

Besides being super cozy, these socks are knitted with a pair of red lips— perfect for any lipstick lover.

6. "I Wake Up For Makeup" Clock

I Love Decor I Wake Up For Makeup Wall Clock, $30, Society6

Because makeup time is the most important time of day.

7. Embroidered Lips Baseball Hat

The Style Club Suede Baseball Hat, $69, Urban Outfitters

The mini blue-lip embroidery on this totally trendy cap is everything.

8. Makeup Palette Clutch

Kate Spade Ooh La La Makeup Palette Clutch, $398, Kate Spade

A clutch that looks like a makeup palette? Does it get any cuter? Actually it does with that makeup-brush closure.

9. LED Lip Sign

LED Curved Sign, $129, Urban Outfitters

Perfect to hang over a vanity or really anywhere inside a beauty-lovers home.

10. Eyebrows Pouch

Important Zip Pouch, $29, Jac Vanek

A sentiment just about any makeup obsessive will probably understand.

11. Powder Puff Coin Purse

Kate Spade Ooh La La Darling Coin Purse, $128, Kate Spade

What better place than an old-fashioned, powder box is there for a beauty lover to keep her change?

12. Makeup Phone Case

Valerie Hoffman Cutey Beauty Kawaii Slim Case, $35, Society6

The two things she uses most, brought together: Her makeup and her phone.

13. Lipstick Pin

Ruby Lipstick Pin, $10, Zero Gravity

Perfect for decorating a jean jacket, tote, or even baseball hat, this pin reflects the one thing a makeup lover wishes she had on her at all times.

14. Makeup Tote Bag

Vox + Curie My Face Is In This Bag Tote Bag, $18, Society6

In case your giftee needs something a little bigger to tote her makeup products in.

15. Lashes Beanie

Lashes Beanie, $22, Shop Betches

The perfect crown for any falsies queen.

16. Lipstick Canvas

Oliver Gal Red Lipstick Canvas Wall Art, $105-$498, Nordstrom

Because there is not a beauty lover alive who wouldn't want to look at this hanging on her wall every day.

Images: Courtesy of Brands