Brandon Jenner Hilariously Calls Out Kim Kardashian on Her Silly Pool Stunt — VIDEO

We've already addressed Kim Kardashian's bizarre slo-mo video in a pool with a very ominous (yes, ominous) "coming soon." But, in the spirit of joyous mockery, Brandon Jenner brings us a parody of Kim's slo-mo video, and it's hilarious. This short clip makes all of Kim's bizarre antics worth it... mostly.

Jenner, who posted this clip to his Instagram page, seems to be taking a cue from Seth Rogen and James Franco's send-up of his half sister — or, even more closely, he may be taking a cue from his little sisters, who also spoofed Kim's Vogue cover. This, however, is just spot-on — pardon the triteness, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an Instagram video is worth a hell of a lot more.

More so, his caption asks Kim to bring it on: "We all know who's the hottest @Kimkardashian."

Anyway, in the hilarious video, he's on his hands and knees and seductively smolders for the camera — and it's all set to the tune of Kanye West's "I'm In It." Perfect.

Of course, the only thing it's really missing is an ominous message as Kim's video has (I'm voting for a new fragrance line OR — and I'm running an entirely new theory, here — a beach resort named after Kimye, complete with self-indulgence, swimming pools, and ample Vogue magazines everywhere!).

Jenner proves to be an all-star at sending up his notorious half sister, and he certainly does amp up the stakes for the "who's the hottest" competition. Now if only we could watch Kanye satirize his bride-to-be...

You can watch the hilarious clip below!

Image: Instagram