Wren Is In The New 'PLL' Trailer

by Amy Mackelden

I probably don't need to tell you this, but the latest Pretty Little Liars trailer is exciting for so many reasons. Not only does Ezra look incredible with that disheveled stubble, but there seems to be more action than ever in the final 10 episodes of the show. From Aria brandishing a knife to Spencer using a rock as a weapon, each of the gang is faced with shocking surprises, pushing them to commit violent acts. The short trailer doesn't reveal much about Season 7B, but it does highlight the return of a favorite character. So what is Wren Kingston doing in the Pretty Little Liars trailer?

Before Wren fans get too excited, the character's appearance in the new Pretty Little Liars trailer is incredibly brief. The only way you get to see him, in fact, is to freeze the trailer at exactly the right moment. Clearly, the editors have deliberately slipped this shot of Wren into the teaser so that fans find it, but it's strange that the footage is hidden quite this well. Does Wren's brief appearance in the new Pretty Little Liars trailer mean that the character has a significant role to play in Season 7B of the show, or is he just passing through Rosewood?

Perhaps the most significant thing to note about Wren's appearance in the new trailer is that he has a shaven head. Instead of the doctor's trademark look, Wren has a buzz cut, and it completely changes his style. It's also worth noting that Wren appears onscreen with Spencer Hastings, and the exchange looks amicable. The pair famously had a brief romance, despite Wren being engaged to Spencer's sister Melissa, but the clip makes it look as though the past is all water under the bridge. While it's unclear who Spencer and Wren are talking to, the conversation doesn't look tense at all. Perhaps Wren is back for a positive reason? Or is there still a chance that he might be AD?

Wren has long been a suspect, and his rumored connection to Dr. Rollins has been making fans even more suspicious. Actor Huw James Collins, who portrayed Alison's evil husband, tweeted a photo of him posing with Julian Morris back in July 2016, with the sly caption, "Long lost something..." making many fans believe that the pair might be brothers after all.

While the new Pretty Little Liars trailer doesn't give an awful lot away about Wren, the snapshot is enough for fans to start getting excited about.

It's great to see Morris back on the show, especially opposite Troian Bellisario. The sneak peak makes it clear that there are a lot of surprises ahead in Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars.

Images: Freeform/YouTube (2)