50 Cent Wants a Song With Drake and Rihanna, Here's Why We Do Too

After severing a 12-year working relationship with Interscope Records in pursuit of the independent route, 50 Cent has some very interesting plans for his Shady/Aftermath-free future. With a brand new album set for a June release, and what is sure to be one the of the most interesting onscreen collaborations with Melissa McCarthy, 50 also has designs on another unique group production: a possible 50 Cent song with Drake and Rihanna.

On first thought, this sounds like an unlikely trio, but with 50 battling album delays and allegations of waning musical influence, a Drizzy and Rihanna collaboration could be just what the hip hop doctor ordered. It's true that most of Drake's "relationship-based" songs, as Fiddy puts it, are a far cry from the blatantly misogynistic lyrics riddling 50 Cent's musical catalogue. Just take one listen to "Baby By Me," where 50's caveman variety of charm involves suggesting that women "Have a baby by me, baby, be a millionaire...," and asking anyone unfortunate enough to be one of his prospects to "gimme a seed."

Perhaps Drizzy and Rihanna can soften 50's jagged edges without sacrificing too much of what made the G-Unit founder a hip hop star in the first place. This shouldn't be that hard of a feat considering Drake's formula for success, which is equal parts ingenious bravado and emotional vulnerability, with his newest song being a great example of this combination.

And then there's Rihanna, who like 50 Cent, prides herself on being unapologetic. Plus her general bad-assness, her huge legion of followers (better known as the Navy) and her previous list of successful collaborations with rappers (that include the likes of Kanye West, T. I., Eminem and Jay Z, to name a few) will only serve to complement 50's sound. We hope his new music will take us back to the excitement of being "In Da Club," but perhaps Drake and Rih can convince 50 to leave the neanderthal pick-up lines at the door.