Who Plays Steve In 'The OA'? Patrick Gibson Stars In Netflix's Mysterious New Series

Netflix has been known to have some of the best original series out there. So, when the streaming service announced that a surprise new show called The OA would hit Netflix on Dec. 16, fans paid attention. There were many questions to be asked: What is this show, what's it about — and who's in the cast? For example, who plays Steve in The OA, one of the main characters in the mysterious new show? Largely unknown actor Patrick Gibson will be holding down the role, one of many members of the cast who could be launched to stardom after the show's release.

If you're wondering why you'd even bother checking out The OA without knowing much about either the show or its cast, I'd point out that some of the best Netflix series are the ones that don't have a huge buildup over months of trailers and teasers. For example, did you notice much advertising for Chewing Gum or Crashing, two British series acquired by the site earlier in 2016? They may have stealthily been the streaming giant's most unique, unexpected, and funniest series this year. Making a Murderer wasn't promoted nearly as much as other shows, yet it managed to set the Internet aflame last December.

So Gibson might find himself the next big star to come out of Netflix — and here's what you should know about the up-and-coming TV actor.

He's From Ireland

American actors don't have a monopoly on Netflix stardom (just look at Millie Bobby Brown, the big star from summer's Stranger Things), and Gibson could be the next big overseas star who makes a splash on American TV.

He Has Several Big Roles On The Way

Even though The OA was a big surprise to audiences, Hollywood has already started giving Gibson more roles. He's currently working on two other TV series, The White Princess and Guerrilla .

He Loves Memes

Actors: They tweet just like us.

He's Working On His Swordfighting Skills

Now, The OA seems like it's a science fiction series, so I don't think this training will come in handy there. This could be for The White Princess, or another project that fans don't know about yet that will turn Gibson into a swashbuckler.

He's A Fave Of Your Faves

Have you been thrilled to see Riz Ahmed make it in several huge projects this year? So is Gibson, who's clearly both a fan of and a friend or acquaintance of Ahmed. I love famous friendships, especially when the celebs geek out over their pals.

And He Has One Serious GoT Connection

Hanging out with Arya Stark? That doesn't just sound like an awesome time (Maisie Williams rules), but also like it could mean Gibson has a role in the biggest show on TV, Game of Thrones coming up. Of course, he could just be a cool guy with a big group of friends.

After his performance as Steve is watched, potentially, by millions of Netflix subscribers when The OA's episodes are released on Dec. 16, Patrick Gibson won't be slowing down — he already has plenty of connections, roles, and plans ready for the new year.

Image: Netflix