Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji Gets Its Own Instagram, But It’s Strictly About Business (& Butts) — PHOTOS

The entertainment world has been a little less exciting without the omniscient, fabulous presence of Kim Kardashian. Kardashian has been on a social media break since her Paris robbery in October and her Instagram has been frighteningly desolate since that time. But that is totally fine. She deserves to spend time away to heal for herself and her family. But, fans awoke to exciting news on Dec. 13: Kardashian was back on social media in a sense, but her posts were strictly business... in the most Kim Kardashian way ever.

Kardashian's successful Kimoji brand launched their official Instagram on Dec. 13 and it was full of everything you would want from a Kimoji: cleavage, cute underwear, and lots of twerking. Every day since then, rows of three of the same photo or video have been posted with only the caption, "DECEMBER 16," so it's safe to say that although Kardashian will probably continue to stay out of the spotlight during the holiday season, she's probably got some holiday surprises awaiting for her fans in the coming days.

For the first video, Kimoji posted an unidentified woman twerking and it is giving me Kanye West "Fade" video vibes. Honestly, I never thought I would say the words "holiday," "vintage," and "twerking" all in the same few breaths, but here we are!

The second row features two ladies getting real close (Is one of them Kim? Who knows!) and maybe trying to show off new Kimoji merchandise? The final row of photos includes perhaps the same girl from row one twerking from another angle.

Keep in mind that nearly every video Kimoji posted already has over 20,000 views each, so Kardashian's social media absence is obviously being felt and her fans are jumping on any sign of their girl online.

While these Instagram posts aren't technically her return to social media, they do show that Kardashian is still a savvy business woman who is keeping her brand going as strong as ever, even when she's been out of the spotlight.