Kris Jenner Defends Kanye West's Angry Outburst & It's Maddening

Kardashian overlord Kris Jenner responded to Kanye West's recent paparazzi outburst at LAX on The Talk (sidenote: does anyone watch this knockoff of The View? Who are these people, anyways), and what she had to say was actually pretty terrible. Surprise, surprise.

Jenner defended Kanye's actions, saying first he was probably sleepy because of the new baby, then backtracking and saying that she has no idea what happened before the video was shot, so she can't properly judge the situation. It was a pretty safe mom response, one that the audience clapped to in agreement. (WHAT?!) The hilarious part is that TMZ seems to think this is a pretty outrageous claim, because of course, their reporters are never intrusive or rude, right?

Even more hilarious, though, is the fact that Jenner claims that Kanye "doesn't have a short temper, like everyone thinks."

Um, we're talking about the same Kanye West, right Kris? The one who interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs and then went on a whole rant about it later? It's hard to tell if she's delusional or just denying it — she has to be a grandmother to his progeny now, after all. Maybe blood is thicker than the sweet, cool waters of truth?