Who Is Chirrut In ‘Rogue One’? Get Ready For Your New Favorite Character

One of the more interesting aspects about the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, is that the film introduces a plethora of fun new characters. Unlike The Force Awakens, which combined familiar faces with new recruits, Rogue One's cast is almost entirely made up of never before seen characters. There's team leader Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor, and sarcastic droid K-2SO, but perhaps the movie's biggest scene-stealer is Chirrut Îmwe. So just who is Chirrut in Rogue One ?

Portrayed by Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen, Chirrut is perhaps best described as a warrior monk. A strong believer in The Force and the ways of the Jedi, Chirrut is a very spiritual person and uses his beliefs to guide him in how he lives his life and in his fighting style. Oh, he's also blind, meaning he has to rely wholly on his beliefs to aid him in his fighting ability. That ability is outstanding, by the way, and despite his lack of sight, Chirrut is one of the most-gifted combatants fans have seen yet in the Star Wars universe. He's basically the Daredevil of A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Seriously, just give this guy a bo staff and get out of the way.

Chirrut is one of the main members of the Rogue One squad, whose task it is to steal the plans to the original Death Star from the Empire. In addition to Jyn, Cassian, K-2SO, and pilot Bodhi Rook, Chirrut is also joined on the team by his BFF, Baze Malbus. Baze is an assassin who is fiercely protective of Chirrut, although anyone who has seen Chirrut in combat knows that the blind monk doesn't require any protection. The pair certainly make for an odd couple, as Baze is very practical and pessimistic in his view of life while Chirrut believes everything happens as The Force wills it. One thing that brings them together, though, is they both hail from the same planet, Jedha, which has been taken over by the Empire and plays a pivotal role in the film.

With his belief in The Force and overall blind badassery, Chirrut is destined to become a new fan-favorite among Star Wars fans... if The Force wills it, that is.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Giphy