How To Not Mess Up Your Hair At The Gym, According To An Expert

Sometimes, beauty is more important than brawn. If you've ever ditched the gym because you just got back from the blow-dry bar, this is for you. Here's how to not mess up your hair at the gym, according to an expert.

I swear I'm going to work out more in 2017. It's good for your mind, body, and spirit — but it's not so great for a fresh blowout. Sweating through a Soul Cycle session can turn clean hair into a greasy mess. Even putting your long hair up into a ponytail for just 30 minutes can cause creases and ruin a 'do before you ever go out.

So what's a girl to do? According to Stephen Donovan, Master Stylist at Blowtique in Chicago, it's best to schedule your blowout and your workout as far away from each other as possible.

"Do it on a day you will not be in the gym, or after your session," Donovan tells me. "Every client is different (some are prone to perspire more than others) and every workout is different (light or intense contributing to the amount of perspiration). If you work out intensely your blowout might not last as long as you would hope for. But I have tips and tricks to help keep that blowout going as long as possible while keeping fit!"

Here's what the pro suggests.

1. Work Out In A French Roll

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"A french roll is an easy way to put you hair up," says Donovan, but know that it's not a good 'do for intense running or HIIT workouts. According to Donovan, a french roll is the easiest crease-free hairstyle for the gym if you're doing something low impact like stretching, foam rolling, or yoga.

2. Work Out In A Top Knot

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"The best updo to do is a loose bun or a top-knot," said Donovan. "A top knot bun would be my go-to as it is a modern look and will allow you to put it up loosely. This will eliminate any creases in the hair as you don't necessarily need hair pins. All you need is a hair tie or even better, an invisibobble!

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"If you're feeling funky, try doing two small top-knots as if you were doing pigtails. It's super cute!"

3. Use A Headband

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"Get that hair up into a loose top-knot and pop on a headband," says Donovan. "This will help absorb any perspiration. As soon as you finish, lightly go through the root with a clean towel to absorb and make sure you wait until the hair is not wet and start applying your products as needed."

4. Use Dry Shampoo

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"Dry shampoo helps freshen up the roots after working out," says Donovan. "Everyone will perspire during a workout, but using this product after will put back the volume at the roots."

Sometimes dry shampoo can make strands appear dull, so reach for an illuminating product that promotes shine.

5. Use Texture Spray

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"If you are not a fan of dry shampoo, try a texturing spray," suggests Donovan. "This is similar to a dry shampoo but not as powdery. It will also help soak up any moisture and put some oomph to that root area."

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