The One ColourPop x Hello Kitty Item You Need From Their Extension & Restock Will Elevate Your Highlight Game

In case you haven't been paying much attention to beauty news, there's a collaboration in town that's already made waves once and is doing it again. The ColourPop x Hello Kitty extension and restock is officially live as of Friday, Dec. 16, and fans should totally snag some of the line's best products. How do I know what's best? I've got some expert advice to back it up. Let's be honest, though — with pieces of the limited edition collection selling out, it's clear that every piece is outstanding.

So, out of the entire collection (including the new items that were added), what's the one product you need from ColourPop x Hello Kitty? The School Is Fun highlighter is definitely the one purchase you should make from the collection — though with prices as affordable as ColourPop's it's hard to choose just one. Why School Is Fun, though? First up is the fact that it's sold out in the past. It's clearly a coveted product. Plus, ColourPop's highlights are no joke.

Second, it comes recommended from ColourPop marketing manager Sharon Pak. In an interview with Bustle, Pak named the highlighter as one of her favorites in the collection. If you're a fan of the brand's Snapchat, you know that Pak doesn't play around when it comes to how much she loves a glow. She's an expert on highlight, and this is her favorite.

School is Fun, $8,

School Is Fun isn't the first incredible highlight from the brand, though. ColourPop's Churro was relaunched and sold out yet again in 2016. Other fans can't stop talking about the gorgeous hue of Flexitarian. The most consistent thing about these beauties? The killer glow they give and their affordable prices.

School Is Fun rings in at just $8, so it's a total steal, too. It seems as though everyone wants to snag the affordable highlight, too.

Plus, it'll make a great gift.

If you're seeking a small stocking stuffer or if you just want to treat yourself to some Hello Kitty x ColourPop, the one product you should snag is School Is Fun. The stunning golden highlight can't be beat when it comes to glow power and price. What are you waiting for?

Images: ColourPop Cosmetics/Instagram