Lorelai & Michel Pose For A Perfect Xmas Pic

This Christmas, Gilmore Girls junkies need to send a deluge of thank you cards Yanic Truesdale's way. His Instagram has been a constant source of behind-the-scenes goodness throughout 2016, and now he has gifted fans with one more amazing photo full of Gilmore Girls joy just in time to ring in the new year. Whether Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life gets a sequel or not, there is now definitive proof that Lorelai, Michel, and Sookie are still BFFs — and Park Ranger #2 is part of that friendship too.

On Saturday, Truesdale posted the most flawless holiday photo ever taken on his Instagram page featuring himself, Lauren Graham, and Peter Krause posing in their best holiday attire (elf hats and Christmas sweaters, of course). That is not even the best part. According to the caption, the photo was taken at the McCarthy/Falcone Christmas party — you know, as in Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone. Yep, Lorelai and Michel were invited to Sookie's real-life holiday party, and if the photo booth action is any indication of the party's vibe, it was clearly a magical night.

I thought the Gilmore Girls revival was going to be the best thing to happen in 2016, but this photo may have just topped it. Filming on the revival has been completed for months now, but this photo is proof the cast is still hanging out when they get a chance. If that doesn't fill your heart with all the seasonal joy, nothing will. While it would have been nice to see McCarthy squeeze into the photo booth with Graham and Truesdale, I have no doubt she was channeling her inner Sookie as the party's host. What is important is McCarthy invited her castmates over to help her celebrate the holidays, and in the proces,s she continued to make the Dragonfly Inn staff the definition of friendship goals.

The picture itself is truly a work of holiday genius. There is Truesdale rocking his elf hat/fur stole combo with a swagger Michel would applaud, and Graham and Krause continuing to be the cutest of all the celebrity couples with their matching holiday outfits. Graham gets bonus points for her ornament bauble earrings. Put all three of these adorable humans together and you have a supersized Christmas cracker's worth of holiday cheer.

One of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life's highlights was the beautiful Michel and Lorelai story honoring the characters' long friendship. Graham and Truesdale truly are one of Gilmore Girls most underrated pairings. Seeing them being goofy together at McCarthy's party is a reminder their chemistry is as strong off screen as it is on.

The Gilmore Girls cast is by far the best cast in Hollywood. Photos like this one show just how much they adore each other and act as the perfect reminder of why fans will never stop wanting to go back to Stars Hollow.

Image: Netflix