The Internet Is Memeing Rob & Chyna's Drama

If you’ve barred yourself from all social media accounts for the past 24 hours, you’ve definitely failed at keeping up with the Kardashians. You see, Blac Chyna left Rob Kardashian, taking just about everything, including the couple’s baby daughter Dream and a refrigerator full of waffles. Rob posted his grief on Snapchat, Blac Chyna's Instagram was hacked and her DMs were posted all over her account — in short, sh*t is going down. This may be the most intense Kardashian-related scandal of the 2016, or failing that, one of the most memeable Kardashian-related scandals of 2016. No, really, there are already Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna memes.

Because you can always count on the Internet to supply jokes about the personal tragedies of others, these memes have been flooding our Twitter feed all day. From your Kardashian-opposed friends to the king Kardashian himself, everyone is getting some lulz out of this incredibly sad occasion.

Or is it an incredibly sad occasion? In truth, the entire situation seems a bit suspect, consider it all went down on the same Sunday as the Rob & Chyna Baby Special. It’s hard to not point out that the entire thing reeks of “publicity stunt,” even though it seems especially extreme — even for that family. Regardless, this is one Rob and Chyna drama that we all want to watch, and the best place to retell the story is with the following memes.

1. When You First Learn The News

2. And You Accept That You Are Not Above This New Age Soap Opera

3. And Casually Settle Into The Evolving Story

4. But It Involves Ping-Ponging Between Everyone's Social Media Accounts

5. And Now You're Exhausted From Living In A World Run By This Reality TV Dynasty

6. When There Was No Stranger Thing Than Blac Chyna Leaving With All The Eggos

7. I Mean, Is Nothing Sacred?

8. The Waffle-Stealing Was An Irrefutable Sign That The Chyna Stole Christmas

9. But At Least She Had The Courtesy To Vacuum

10. Leaving The Place Spotless For The Fresh Prince Of Calabasas

11. Though Truly, This Has Us All Scrambling For Answers

12. Like, "How Exactly Is Kris Jenner Going To End Blac Chyna?"

13. Although We Are Impressed By Chyna's Amount Of IDGAF Right Now

14. And Though It Probably Won't Get Us To Watch Rob & Chyna...

15. Our Hearts Go Out To Rob For How Gobsmacked He Is

16. And How He's Bravely Meme-ing With Us, Not Against Us

17. Because Let's Face It, We All Know How He Feels

Merry Kardashian Kristmas, everyone. We knew we couldn't escape this year without one more family scandal.