Urban Decay’s Latest Muse Might Surprise You

If there's anyone I want to be when I grow up, it's Baddie Winkle. With her amazing style and hilarious personality, she is without a doubt the coolest grandma ever. And, at the age of 88, is definitely teaching the world a thing or two about beauty. So it makes perfect sense that Baddie is Urban Decay's latest muse, and that there was an a-mazing photoshoot to prove it.

The makeup company has been killin' it with their series, which features "awesome women who epitomize what it means to be cool," the company tells me. They've recently featured lifestyle blogger Hieu Cow, phone case designers Devon and Sydney Carlson, and eyewear gurus (and identical twins!) Coco and Breezy. Baddie — with her colorful style and even more colorful life — is the perfect addition to the mix.

If you've yet to check out her Instagram page, I highly suggest you do so. Like right now. All of your opinions regarding what it is to be "old" will shatter into a million pieces. This lady is straight up inspiration for everyone out there who wants to feel confident, or who wants to live life — at any age. I mean, look at these photos from her Urban Decay shoot. Could she be any more amazing?

Yes. That's a cloud dress she's wearing, and it's beautiful.

This is the perfect lipstick shade for drinking orange soda. Don't you agree?

She looks so cool in this sequin dress.

And probably even cooler in this denim skirt. We love you, Baddie!

Images: Urban Decay