Holiday Ornament Eye Makeup Is The Festive Beauty Trend You Didn’t Know You Needed This Season

If you have any last-minute parties to attend, or really want to look fabulous come Christmas morning, then I highly recommend taking a look at this holiday ornament eye makeup. It truly gives the word "festive" a whole new meaning, and I kind of love it.

The oddly beautiful look was created by makeup artist Hondrea Nicole, who posted the image on her Twitter page. Using some red eyeshadow and a little glitter, she essentially turned her eyes into glorious holiday baubles — complete with a little gold hook.

Apart from having perfect brows, Nicole took it one step further and added a few dangling ornaments, too. They seem to be hanging from her lashes, but are actually just artfully-applied glitter.

Nicole's YouTube channel doesn't have step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the look, but she did post a little tutorial on how to apply berry eyeshadow. If you've been hoarding glitter all year long and need to use it ASAP, I suggest taking some creative liberty and seeing if you can't create your own version of this holiday look.

Here is the image for inspiration. Grab your glitter, paint your face, and go forth into the holidays look as festive as possible.

Stunning, right? Pretty much as next-level Christmas as it gets.

lisajoyyoung on YouTube

If you want to get really crazy, there's always the above.

Or, if you want to do something a little less insane, check out Hondrea Nicole's aforementioned holiday berry tutorial. So, so good, right?