Things You Dreamed In The '90s That Are Real Now

by Kat George

When you were a kid there were things you dreamed about in the '90s that are real now. Some of your wildest childhood dreams, the ones including hover boards and crazy things like holograms, are very much a reality in 2017. Your '90s child brain would literally explode if you were able to travel back in time and show yourself how things have changed — and not only that, but changed so closely in line with your craziest fantasies. OK, maybe you're not married to Leonardo DiCaprio (but who is?!), but our currently reality has somehow aligned with the imaginary future we created when we were growing up.

If you want to get creepy about it too, that's possible. Going right back to your high school reading list, that dystopian surveillance society you argued was soon to become a reality after either reading 1984 (or watching Enemy Of The State if books weren't your thing) is well and truly upon us. It makes you wonder if the things we dream about now will come true in the next 20 years. If so, I'm very much looking forward to 3D-printing my own designer wardrobe, being paid a full wage with benefits to go on extended maternity leave, and a world run at least 50 percent by women. Here are 11 things you dreamed of as a '90s child that are actually real today.

1. Hover Boards

Every '90s kid loved Back To The Future (even though it was released in 1985, it was still a '90s staple), and mostly we just dreamed of getting around on hover boards. Enter 2015, when the first hover boards become available to purchase. Sure, they're really just self balancing scooters, but it's a step in the right direction.

2. Performing Holograms

Remember the first time you saw Princess Leia asking for help in the form of a hologram? Never thought you'd see the day that would become a reality now, did you? Now you've got your favorite '90s legends like Left Eye and Tupac performing on stages even after they've passed. All through the magic of hologram.

3. The Giant Chat Room Of Life

In the '90s you loved connecting to dial up internet and fifteen minutes later entering a chat room, where you'd proceed to broadcast yourself to strangers. Social media has made this chat room global, constant, and instant. Something you only ever wished '90s Internet chat rooms could be.

4. Camera Phones

A Swiss Army phone, camera inclusive, was a dream within a dream in the '90s. Now it's as natural as breathing air.

5. Video Calls And Conferences

When Monica went out with Pete on Friends, went to his apartment while he was away, and used technology to video call him, your tiny '90s brain was blown. Now, social video calls and professional video conferences are totally commonplace.

6. The Era Of The GIF

Your first Geocities site was just pixellated gifs of little devils dancing, wasn't it? Imagine in the '90s if you had the GIF capacity you had now. You'd be in paradise.

7. Virtual Reality

In the '90s, VR was a distant reality. Sometimes at the mall there would be one of those rides you'd sit inside, and a screen would show you a rollercoaster while the whole ride moved, simulating being on an up and down ride. But that was as close as you got. Now Google's VR headsets are revolutionising virtual reality, and will soon be a household item.

8. 3D Movies

When you were a kid, 3D movies were a treat when your family went to a theme park and there was a 3D movie ride. Now, almost every action or fantasy movie you see is available at the local movie theatre in 3D format.

9. Self-Driving Cars

We used to joke around about the notion of self driving cars. I mean, in the '90s we were blowing our minds over touch lamps and lights that would come on when you clapped. Now, Uber has already begun using self driving cars, something we could only dream of back when we were kids.

10. Fast Downloads

Remember the days when it used to take you 38 years, 12 days, seven hours, and 48 minutes to download one song? As a '90s kid you'd whimsically stare through your computer screen, dreaming of a day when downloads would be instantaneous.

11. Handless And Controller-less Video Games

Another Back To The Future (this time II) fantasy, when you were a '90s kid you dreamed of controller-less games. Now, XBOX's Kinect allows you to do everything, including playing games, completely wirelessly. Yep, you have become the controller. Your '90s self wouldn't believe it if they knew.

Images: Universal Pictures; Giphy (6)