Meet The New Stewart & McKellen

Look, we all know that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have the most adorable friendship in the history of friendships. They talk about each other all the time, they tour New York together, they even celebrate Super Bowl Sunday in, er, their own way. But there's another pair of X-Men cuties prepared to inherit the besties throne: James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

Sure, they've been pretty close since they started working on the X-Men movies together. But when Fassbender and McAvoy tried to give their best respective McKellen and Stewart impressions in an interview, it was like everything fell into place. Are their impressions any good? Not really...Fassbender gives a pretty decent Lord of the Rings line reading, and McAvoy croaks out a pretty good "engage," but they're not master imitators (Hugh Jackman's impression, however, is surprisingly good).

They may not be able to copy their voices, but it looks like the pair have been taking some cues from Stewart and McKellen in terms of friendship. They're such good friends, in fact, that McAvoy crashed Fassbender's GQ interview and gave the reporter Fassbender's entire early autobiography (in a fake Irish brogue, of course). So what makes their friendship so magical? Well...

They Have a Nickname

And it's McFassy, possibly the sassiest friendship nickname of all time. Beware looking that up on Tumblr, though, as you're sure to find some NSFW fan fiction. Which brings us to the fact that...

They Have Great Chemistry

They constantly joke about their romance in interviews, and McAvoy admitted to having sex with Fassbender four times (oh, straight dudes, and their strangely homoerotic friendships). But really, all it takes is watching the new X-Men trailer once to see the pair's palpable sexual chemistry...no wonder there's so much fan fiction.

They Joke Around Together

This is pretty obvious if you've watched any interview they've been in together. But it's even better if you watch the deleted scenes from X-Men: First Class.

So really, Fassbender and McAvoy have inherited McKellen and Stewart's roles in more ways than one. And we're all much better for these these four wonderful men's two wonderful friendships.

Images: Tumblr/chimis-changa, flatbear