This 'Frozen' & 'Wicked' Crossover Brings A Much-Needed Break from "Let It Go"—VIDEO

No matter how much you loved it the first time, or second, or fifteenth, by now you might be a little sick of "Let It Go." Sure, fans still enjoy Frozen's signature song, so much that they helped propel the film's soundtrack to the top of the Billboard charts and keep it there for eight weeks and counting. But the covers. So, so many covers. Finally, someone has made a Frozen video that gives us a break from "Let It Go," along with the rest of the film's music. Instead, the video combines Wicked 's iconic "Defying Gravity" with Frozen . The result is absolute perfection.

Before Idina Menzel voiced Frozen's Queen Elsa, she was the first person to play Elphaba in Wicked, so thanks to her unforgettable voice, "Defying Gravity" fits right into the film's scenes. And while Wicked's Kristin Chenoweth doesn't sound like Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna, the song's theme of leaving someone you love behind pairs so perfectly with Frozen that you barely even notice.

The YouTube user who made the video, Sabin17, must also be commended not just for discovering this ideal combination, but for some very impressive synching. There are moments where you really think Elsa and Anna are singing a part of "Defying Gravity."As entertaining as it can be to watch a little kid belt out an earnest rendition of "Let It Go," this crossover brings a whole new element to the wealth of fan-made Frozen videos out there.

By now, we've all learned to let it go and have built plenty of snowmen—it's time to defy gravity. Watch the video below and prepare to be blown away.

Sabin17 on YouTube

Image: Disney