Johnny Depp's MTV Movie Awards Hat Means We Can Finally Let Pharrell's Rest in Peace

It's a tough time for Pharrell. Just as "Happy" is on the brink of transitioning from fun song that makes you want to dance to overplayed song that makes you want to cover your ears, his iconic accessory is becoming old news. Yes, Pharrell's hat has been replaced by Johnny Depp's, thanks to the MTV Movie Awards. While presenting the award for Best Movie, Depp wore a large brown fedora and that usually would be nothing out of the ordinary for the actor, except that this particular hat had a huge hole in the front.

Did it rip backstage in some kind of accident? Was he attacked by an overly eager fan on his way to the show? Or did Depp just show up to an awards show to present the biggest award of the night in a damaged hat? Knowing Depp, it's probably the latter. Gone are the days of mocking Pharrell's huge, Arby's-resembling hat: it's time to make fun of Depp's torn one. Even Indiana Jones managed to keep his hat intact, and he did a lot more than present Josh Hutcherson with a popcorn statue.

It actually feels good to be joking about someone else's hat for a change, Pharrell's was getting too overdone. It's been tirelessly mocked ever since its debut at the Grammys in January and at tonight's Movie Awards, Grumpy Cat was wearing his own miniature version. When Internet-famous pets start wearing your signature item, it's time to put it in a final resting place, somewhere in the back of the closet.

So thank you, Johnny Depp, for not taking good care of your clothes and giving us a new hat to be confused by. Just try to keep doge, Boo, and any other famous animals away from it.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images