Ben Savage Will Make His Directorial Debut On 'Girl Meets World' & He's Beyond Prepared

Well, if this isn't the most picture-perfect announcement that's ever been. Details have been slowly trickling in about the Boy Meets World sequel since Disney Channel greenlit the series in 2013 and they all culminated in the first Girl Meets World trailer last week. And on Thursday, Mr. Cory Matthews made a huge announcement about the highly anticipated series — Ben Savage will direct a Girl Meets World episode this season and make his directorial debut.

Savage told The Hollywood Reporter: "[Directing] is something I've been prepping for for the last 20 years." And don't we believe it, the actor's been eating, breathing, and living Boy Meets World since the series premiered in 1993 — there's probably not a single person alive that's more prepared to direct during the sequel's run. Well, except maybe Mr. Feeny because he's got wisdom far beyond that of the average human being.

But seven years' worth of experience playing Cory Matthews character isn't the only thing on Savage's side in his new endeavor — his older brother Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) is an accomplished TV director who's responsible for Modern Family, Happy Endings, and 2 Broke Girls. And William Russ, who plays Savage's onscreen father Alan Matthews, tried directing on for size while Boy Meets World was still on the air. Savage said of his time working with Russ:

He was so passionate about the project and he knew the story really well. I tend to favor directors that are actors and I think it was something I was always interested in. This show is the perfect place for me to jump in.

We couldn't agree more, since we can't think of anyone who's more stoked than Savage to step back into the shoes he left behind when Boy Meets World went off the air in 2000. The actor told THR that his directing itch started a long time ago, but he's just been waiting for the right moment to jump in — and Girl Meets World is his moment. Savage said of his decision to step behind the camera on the project:

It was a natural progression because I had always wanted to direct and I felt such a personal connection to the show. It was an important piece of my life really. Directing was a natural next step for me and it's something I was looking forward to doing.

Savage doesn't seem nervous at all for someone that's taking their first shot on a highly anticipated series that has HUGE expectations from its loyal fan base. Speaking of those loyal fans that followed the coming of age of Cory Matthews and friends religiously, Savage is more thankful to have had them throughout the years than fazed by the pressure to impress. He's actually excited for the experience and hopeful that it'll lead to more directing experiences in the future. Because, after all, he grew up being Cory Matthews and in this world so it's really just like he's going home again.

With all of that being said, fans of Boy Meets World should be more happy than skeptical about Savage stepping behind the camera. If there's anyone in the world that loves Girl Meets World and wants it to succeed and be as great as its parent series, it's Savage.

And thankfully, he's a lot more prepared for this gig than Cory Matthews ever was for class with Mr. Feeny.

Image: Disney Channel