Did You Think Lindsay Lohan's Sex List Was Funny? Well, She Sure Didn't — VIDEO

Hi, friends. It is now that time of the day when we get to watch Lindsay Lohan cry about that sex l ist . It's only one minute long, but hell, it's one whole minute of part seven of Lindsay, which is the first installment of the two-part finale. So, you're welcome for your daily dose of schadenfreude.

Whether or not you've been watching this docu-series, you probably know that Lindsay had a list going around the Internet of the folks with whom she's had sex. Some people managed to find the sex positive aspect of this whole kerfuffle, but Lindsay had some coping to do.

And in case you need some mega-recapping: Oprah gave Lindsay an opportunity. She bestowed unto Lindsay this series so that she could get her shit together. As many of us can at least assume, it ain't easy to undo your hot messness when you're in the public eye. So, yeah, Oprah ain't thrilled at the results, since they've been pretty scant. In fact, Oprah went so far as to cancel the series — but seriously, most of LiLo's fans are not the type to tune into OWN, a channel whose advertisements mostly cater to women with vagina insecurity. (Seriously, I watched the first two episodes.)

So, if you're not watching the entire finale as Lindsay crashes and burns once and for all on television, you can at least watch this one minute clip. Since the series isn't continuing, we'll never know what happens after the cameras stop rolling, but... oh, who am I kidding. It's Lindsay Lohan.