Kaley Cuoco's 'Authors Anonymous' Clip Takes the Dumb Blonde Gimmick Too Far — VIDEO

Kaley Cuoco has been playing Penny for so long that it's starting to follow her everywhere else. The Big Bang Theory is the television show equivalent of a Dane Cook sketch: it limps on for a long time until people realize they're supposed to be laughing. The running gag of Penny has always been that while she's high on common sense, compared to her genius friends, she's kind of a dumb blond. Although she was a lot worse in the earlier seasons than she came to be later, Penny still retains a lot of airheaded qualities. In Cuoco's upcoming movie Authors Anonymous, she is again playing a dumb blond, making us wonder if she's got anything else up her sleeve.

The film is about a group of dysfunctional writers that take a new writer, played by Cuoco, under their wing until she turns into an overnight success. After that, it's probably going to be whatever the writing version of a cat fight is. Scathing anonymous reviews in the New York Times and jousting with bookmarks perhaps?

The summary of movie makes it sound like Cuoco just took the early character of Penny and made her a writer instead of a failed actress. In the exclusive clip, Cuoco's character fails to come up with the name of her favorite author, or any author, and then doesn't seem to realize that Jane Austen has been dead for almost 200 years.

Penny on The Big Bang Theory has come a long way from the pilot, where she claimed that her screenplay about a girl from Nebraska who moved to become an actress was not autobiographical because she herself was from Omaha while her character was from Lincoln. Cuoco, on the other hand, seems stuck in that phase. Her first famous role was as Bridget Hennessy, the ditzy oldest child on 8 Simple Rules, and 12 years later she's still playing the same roles. The gimmick is clearly working for her, but it's more than a little one-note.

After The Big Bang Theory ends (if it ever ends), Cuoco is going to find herself typecast into the same one dimensional roles that she seems to love playing. That's especially true since she's notable for getting married on The Ellen Show (but not really) and being the real-life version of 30 Rock's Jenna Maroney. Authors Anonymous looks like it's going to be a pretty funny movie, but Cuoco's appearance leaves a feeling of what else is there? So far, the answer seems to be "not much".

Watch the clip below.

Image: Tumblr