Who Is 'The Voice's Audra McLaughlin? 7 Reasons This Team Blake Star Is Totally Awesome

By now, everyone knows about Sisaundra Lewis on NBC's The Voice since, you know, she's a beast, but what about the Voice's young college student Audra McLaughlin? Both of these fierce women are a part of Team Blake's powerhouse group of singers, but McLaughlin often gets pushed into the shadows because of Lewis' extraordinary voice. The thing is, McLaughlin has got a pretty remarkable voice as well — she was a four-chair turn during the Blind Auditions, after all — and she should be recognized for it.

She might not wear intimidatingly large earrings a la Lewis or be quite as country as fellow teammate Jake Worthington, but she has definitely mastered her sweet, adorable southern look that makes it that much harder for coach Blake Shelton to let her go.

McLaughlin, who has overcome a learning disability and being bullied, has channeled all of her energy into her powerful yet gentle voice. A voice so beautiful that she was able to knock out a country singing duo during the Battle Rounds (although I'm still of the belief that McLaughlin should team up with the pair and become the next Dixie Chicks, but that might just be me). Take a look at some of the reasons why McLaughlin deserves all of the votes:

1. Her voice is seriously powerful.

2. She's kind of like Sarah McLachlan without the sad dogs.

In fact, Carson Daly most definitely (maybe) introduced her as Audra McLachlan instead of Audra McLaughlin in Monday night's live performance.

3. She knows that the people behind the scenes are just as important as the people on screen.

4. She knows how to share the stage.

Seriously, they should form a band.

5. She stands up against bullying.

This is an original song she wrote about bullying:

6. She still Vines... like every day.

7. And she struggles to use chopsticks. (Nobody's perfect, right?)

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC (2)