We've been seeing a lot of celebrity tears lately and they're coming in two different types: crying over their fans or crying because they're a fan. Beyoncé cried during her final tour concert and Selena Gomez teared up at the We Day California conference, both while reflecting over how grateful they were for their fans and how far they had come on their journeys through life. Emma Stone cried when she spoke to Sporty Spice over the Internet and that wouldn't be the last time she was reduced to tears over a childhood dream come true. Now Ariana Grande has cried upon meeting childhood crush Jim Carrey and she has the Instagram video to prove it.

Grande performed at the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday morning, a day she had already declared as "the day I meet Jim Carrey". She later gushed about the experience on Twitter: "All was swell until my mom told him that my first screen name was JimCarreyFan42@aol," Grande tweeted. "I wanted to die."

Who can blame her? The person who can still proudly admit what their very first screen name was is a person who either does not have the shame gene or was uncommonly mature back when AOL was still a thing.

Grande followed the story up on Tuesday morning by posting a link to her Instagram, which featured a video of her giving Carrey a hug and then walking away to try and hide her tears. She even covered her face with one arm and tried to fan the tears away with her free hand. You could practically see the desire to jump up and down and scream, like she herself wasn't famous and like the video didn't cause her fans to trend Carrey's name on Twitter after it came out.

But who can blame her? Jim Carrey is the man behind Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar, Liar, The Truman Show, and Bruce Almighty. He was one of the cinematic faces that raised Grande's generation. Why shouldn't her love for Jim Carrey reach the levels that Emma Stone's love for the Spice Girls has? Surely, she can quote Ace Ventura almost word-for-word by now?

If there's one thing that Grande's fan moment proves, it's that it doesn't matter how famous you are. The moment you meet someone you idolized when you were a kid, it's like not a single day has passed since you were in your room dreaming of bigger things.