Lorde's "Tennis Court" Remix Is Trippy, Somber, & Just What We Needed — LISTEN

When Lorde had to cancel the Australian leg of her tour, she seemed to take it really hard. Not as hard as the Australian fans, who bought those now useless tickets and won't get to see her, of course, but still bummed enough. Her intense schedule has been affecting her health and the last thing that anyone needs is for Lorde to end up like Miley Cyrus and land in the hospital for an undetermined amount of time. We were kept updated on Cyrus' recovery thanks to her Twitter and Instagram spam, but, for those who are hurting from the absence of Lorde, the singer did something a little more productive with her time. Or, rather, had someone else do something productive for her. Lorde tweeted the Flume remix of "Tennis Court" on Wednesday and it's doing wonders to ease the pain.

"Tennis Court" was already a slow and reflective song, but somehow the remix manages to maintain that introspection and make it even more compelling. In Flume's hands, Lorde's words are echoing in your head while the beat makes your heart race with anticipation whether you've already memorized the lyrics or not. It's still not the kind of song you jump around in a club to, but it's going to be the trippy soundtrack to a lot of slow dances and head nods.

Flume is the stage name of Harley Streten, an electronic music instrumentalist, producer and DJ who has four ARIA Music Awards to his name. He's played the "Tennis Court" remix before, at summer festivals like Lollapalooza and during the first week of Coachella, but he and Lorde made the remix available online to her fans yesterday presumably because, if they can't have the real thing, then they should at least have exclusive content.

Lorde expressed her frustration with the cancelled tour again Thursday morning, which might indicate more musical gems in our future. If she and Flume teamed up to remix all of her songs from Pure Heroine, none of us are going to complain. It wouldn't have the exact same magic as a tour, but, hey, it wouldn't hurt.

Listen to the song below.