All The Times Taylor Swift Acted Just Like Your Mom

Taylor Swift has more celebrity best friends than any famous person I know (as Mindy puts it so eloquently on The Mindy Project, "A best friend is a tier, not a person"). Seriously, the girl is friends with Lena Dunham, former Glee star Dianna Agron, Olympian Gracie Gold, model Karlie Kloss (actually, they might be secretly twins) and, of course, Selena Gomez. Even a star of Modern Family is included in Taylor's gaggle of celebrity friends, as evidenced by Taylor's "friendship diary," aka, her Instagram account. Taylor and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland hit the town in New York City this weekend, as well-documented by Taylor's Instagram.

I'm not sure what these two did during their time in NYC, but one thing that they definitely didn't do was coordinate their outfits. While Taylor is wearing a pink, Jackie O-esque coat with a sweet updo, Sarah dons a cool black leather jacket and plenty of edgy necklaces. Both ladies look lovely, but it was their contrasting outfits that inspired the Instagram photo caption that has now labeled Taylor Swift the "Mom friend" of her BFF circle.

Sure, Taylor and Sarah are joking around in this pic, but is it really any surprise that Taylor Swift is considered the "Mom" of her group of friends? Taylor's kind of the quintessential momma bear. I imagine her coming over with soup when Karlie Kloss has the flu or baking Lena Dunham cookies to celebrate the season finale of Girls. I imagine her holding friend's hair back when they have one-too-many drinks at the Teen Choice Awards' after party and listening to yet another Justin Bieber rant from Selena Gomez over cookie dough ice cream. It happens.

So this mom-reference of Sarah's got me thinking. Has Taylor been proven to be a "mom" in the past? Short answer? Yes.

Here are all of the times that Taylor Swift has proven herself to be a total mom.

When she took this selfie with Ellen.

Fact: Moms love Ellen.

And freaked out about James Taylor guesting on her Speak Now tour.

Taylor loves James Taylor. So does my Mom. Therefore, Taylor = my Mom.

When she baked all the cookies.

Using a stationary blender like that is pretty hard-core.

When she hung out with this child.

That adorable fair-haired child could totally be her kid, which would make her a real Mom. (It's not, though.)

When she posted this baby photo of herself.

You know who posts baby photos? Moms.

When she danced like a dork at the Grammy's.

Can your mom dance? Doubt it. Unless you're Blue Ivy Carter, of course.

When she DIYed her own snow globes.

When she openly hated on Selena's not-good-enough-for-her boyfriend.

(Every time I look at this gif, I applaud.)

When she baked cookies with Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld.

So festive!

When she wore a Christmas onesie.

So dorky-cute, just like your mom is.

And, of course, when she gave the most Mom-advice ever.

Life-affirming advice, Momma Tay. Will you adopt us? Please?

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