Here's Your Miley Health Update

Good news, folks. It looks like Miley Cyrus is out of the hospital at long last. After well over a week in the hospital due to a severe allergic reaction, it seems like she's finally feeling better. Oh! And she'll be resuming her tour in Europe. Bangerz, apparently, can't stop, won't stop. (It's those imaginary animals, I tell you.)

But for all of the folks in the United States who missed out on her performances when she got sick? Uh, sad trombone. Sorry, y'all. (We have this handy guide on how to cope when Miley cancels on you, in case you're still struggling.) Miley is kicking off the European leg of her tour on Friday, May 2 in Amsterdam, followed by 17 more concerts in Europe.

Miley had been tweeting the majority of her hospital stay, and she kept us abreast of her status as she lay in bed. For the record, she hated that hospital television, and she read a lot of books so she "wouldn't die a famous pop pop dumb dumb." She also informed us that she was sad to be in bed last Sunday, as she was missing out on her favorite holiday... 4/20. Oh, Miley. But hey! What about that first stop on your tour in Amsterdam? That's something to look forward to.

Now that Miley's feeling better and she's heading back on the road, we'll likely be privy to more backstage antics and updates from the pop star and her correspondingly wacky tour. At least she's feeling better. Hospital-bound Miley actually made some people miss the Bangerz Miley.