What Can We Expect From Jessica Robertson's 'Duck Dynasty' Baby Clothing Line?

It’s been quite some time since the family members of the reality show Duck Dynasty have been in the spotlight. The most recent incidents that have occurred included Willie Robertson claiming he wanted to go hunting with President Barack Obama, their family concert being canceled due to low ticket sales, and of course, the most controversial being that Phil Robertson made anti-gay remarks in an interview with GQ. However, after so much negative and simply bizarre news that constantly surrounds this family, one of them has something seemingly decent to offer to the world. That is, Jessica Robertson wants to start a children’s clothing line.

Okay, okay, you’re probably giggling like an adorable Anderson Cooper right now, but at least it’s nothing even remotely as bad the family launching a gun line so soon after Robertson’s scandal. Plus, while long beards and camouflage might not exactly be your thing, or most people’s thing for that matter, the women of the Robertson family are not new to the fashion world. In fact, Jase Robertson’s wife Missy launched her own clothing line in collaboration with Southern Fashion House not too long ago.

Oddly enough, no, her clothing line does not include something you’d see someone wearing out at a gun range. Likewise, her clothing line includes items that are more modest taking in consideration her family’s more conservative values, which is exactly what Robertson wants for her children’s clothing line.

Robertson, who was a sales representative for a clothing company, spoke to Rob Shuter of VH-1’s The Gossip Table where she mentioned her love for sewing. “I sew really well,” she said. “I quilt a lot. I’ve just taught the girls how to sew. I’ve made baby clothes, quilts and bedding and sold it to boutiques around here. I have a love for fashion and clothing.” Though Robertson’s desire to make children’s clothing is to be respected, she might have a difficult time competing with the likes of major A-list celebrities like Heidi Klum’s Truly Scrumptious line and Tori Spelling’s Little Maven.

While Klum’s clothing includes cute little monsters on both its boys and girls outfits, Spelling’s line brags trendy pieces you’d likely see celebrity babies wearing, but at cheaper prices. So, what could we expect from a Duck Dynasty baby clothing line?

Well, there’s no doubt that we’ll see something animal related in the mix considering the family’s business, Duck Commander. Yes, there will hopefully be many ducks plastered all over the baby shirts, but with how clean-cut Robertson is compared to the men in her family, we can assume that these images will be somewhat cute.

Now, can we expect some if any camouflage as a featured print in this potential clothing line? I’d like to say no since Missy’s line steered clear of that, but I still wouldn’t put it past Robertson when it must be what she sees almost every day. Plus, we have seen Robertson herself wear a floor-length camouflage gown in front of the cameras. That, and there will most likely be an abundant amount of patriotic-themed bibs and onesies for all the little tikes out there.

As far as baby accessories, I can even see Robertson putting her quilting to good use by creating a series of baby blankets.

Either way, I'm hoping that if Robertson's plans actually hit stores, the brand will be a bit classier than the family's show.

Image: glocktalk