Joe Jonas & Kevin Jonas Are Going On Tour to Talk to People. No, Really.

It doesn't feel like it was that long ago that the Jonas Brothers were calling it quits as a band. Since their split, however, the brothers have been giving us a lot to think about individually. Kevin Jonas rented a room in his house out for $20,000 per night over Super Bowl weekend. Joe Jonas revealed in an interview that he smoked his first blunt with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Nick Jonas kept getting hotter and hotter right before our very eyes. If any or all of that left you with a lot of questions, then don't worry. Your silent cry has been answered. Kevin and Joe Jonas are going on an Off the Record tour together and it's not the kind of tour you're thinking. They've tried the music thing before. It didn't take.

The tour will be called Off the Record with Kevin & Joe Jonas and it will be an interactive live show experience featuring Q&A sessions, brand new video footage, and "many other surprises", whatever that means. To be fair, in theory it sounds like it could be a good idea. If there is one thing we learned from Joe Jonas' tell all interview with Vulture, it's that there was a lot going on behind-the-scenes at Disney that Joe isn't shy about discussing at all. Maybe Off the Record will give people a chance to discover exactly which girl in the business Joe lost his virginity to at 20. Or if Joe Jonas really had a drug problem and, if so, whether or not he's doing better.

As for Kevin, well, he's always been the Jonas brother that most people's eyes passed over. He was competing with Joe, the arguably hot one, and Nick, the arguably sensitive one, and, as the oldest one, he was always content with letting the two of them step into the spotlight without seeming to get jealous of them at all. Off the Record is the world's chance to get to know sides of Kevin Jonas that they aren't getting from his E! reality television series, Married to Jonas. At the very least, I expect to hear his opinion on the feud that cropped up between Joe Jonas and Dylan Sprouse. We've heard more than enough of Joe's opinions.

Then again, the tour would probably be better if Nick Jonas was going, too. That way, even if the questions get boring and the video footage is lackluster, audience members could turn their eyes to these biceps.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But who would drag their eyes away again to pay attention to the rest of the show? I know for a fact that I don't have that much self-control.