Are They The New Olsen Twins?!

The latest faux controversy between Kendall and Kylie Jenner and their friend-turned-arch-nemesis Selena Gomez blasted across the internet this week. Apparently, they are no longer following each other on Twitter and are trading barbs through their TMZ channels.

Upon seeing this news — that term used loosely here — I thought to myself, those Jenner girls could be the next Olsen twins, if they would just quit the crazy.

As of late, there have been a myriad of child stars that made it into adulthood with major success. Names like Neil Patrick Harris, Mayim Bialik and Natalie Portman come to mind. But the Olsen twins are next-level successful. Their fame and fortune began as infants playing Michelle Tanner on the TV show Full House , grew with the founding of their media company Dualstar at the tender age of six, and now they are certified fashion insiders with the success of their line The Row. They are one of America's biggest success stories and arguably the biggest child star success stories in American history — and absolutely hilarious to watch.

Sounds a lot like the Kardashian family, yes, but the only trouble is Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are plagued by the "just a reality show star" label. Even when they attempt to be legitimized by mainstream media, it all goes to hell in a hand basket — three words: Kim on Vogue.

The Jenner sisters have the opportunity to move from under the Kardashian umbrella. All the raw material is there:

TV stardom… check

Adoring fans… check

Startup cash… obviously

Industry love… check, thanks to Marc Jacobs

Now, the process isn’t as simple as clicking your heels together, but if they just follow the Olsen rulebook, they could surpass their older siblings in power and influence, especially in the fashion world that has embraced them with open arms.

Here are a few lessons to be learned from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Listen up, Jenner ladies.

Use the Media, Not the Other Way Around

Start seeing the media as a tool for business instead of a vehicle for self promotion and rumor milling. Granted the Olsens came up in a different time — before TMZ — but even now they're making waves without all the "he said, she said." Worrying about tabloid fodder is for millionaires. If you want to be billionaires, you ain’t got time for that.

Keep It On The DL

Dating life should be not be publicized. Did we even know the Olsen’s had a dating life before 2007? I’ve seen more Olsen headlines in Forbes and Vogue than on E! Online in the past 10 years. Be known for what you do, not who you do or don’t date.

Don't Just Own The Product, Own The Company

As mentioned earlier, the Olsens started Dualstar at the age of six and from then on owned everything they put their faces on, which translated into lots o’ cash and full control of their image. Yes, K & K currently have lines with major retailers like Steve Madden and PacSun, but the Olsens don’t just create licencing deals, they own the company that makes the product and allows other to sell it for them.

Disappear For A While

Otherwise known as the Neil Patrick Harris, dropping out of public view is a good thing for those making the transition from child star to adult success story. The Olsen sisters were huge tween stars in the 90s and early 2000s, but took a step back before reemerging as fashion designers in 2006, leaving behind their kid TV personas.

Build Up Your Resume

When they began, neither Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen knew anything about running a multimillion dollar empire — mainly because they were kindergarteners. So, they surrounded themselves with the right people and took advantage of the opportunities to learn. Next time you're backstage at Marc Jacobs or sitting next to Anna Wintour during Paris Fashion Week, Jenners, take time to learn a little something from the best.