Emma Stone Finally Admits She's Dating Andrew Garfield, So Let's Remember All the Times They Denied It

Breaking news: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are dating! After three years of pretending they weren't together, the couple has finally acknowledged their relationship. While discussing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Good Morning America, Stone revealed that she loves Garfield "very much," the biggest acknowledgment of their off-screen romance either co-star has ever made.

Of course, for all of us who've seen the actors play a couple on-screen, go out on dates, and attend premieres by each other's sides, finding out that they're in a relationship isn't exactly a shock. Yet despite the obviousness of their romance, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars have never confirmed that they're together, only talking to the press about how "cool" the other person is or how "lucky" they are to get to work alongside one another. The couple's secrecy has always felt kind of silly, but for whatever reason, it's been their choice. Now, though, with Stone's acknowledgment, perhaps they've come to an agreement that it's time to make their relationship known. If so, it's a relief; as adorable as Stone and Garfield are together now as "friends," it's a bit tiresome to watch them constantly pretend that their romance doesn't exist. We've seen the photos, guys; we know the truth. Why so secretive?

Thankfully, with Stone's comment, it looks like their relationship is no longer being kept hidden. The change is welcome, but it's certainly the end of an era. A look back at some of the many times Stone and Garfield pretended they weren't dating:

Talking on 'Ellen'

While promoting Spider-Man on The Ellen DeGeneres Show early this month, Stone and Garfield looked extremely uncomfortable after co-star Jamie Foxx praised the "natural" feel of their on-screen romance. DeGeneres didn't help, adding that "it's like they're together or something." Garfield told Foxx to "drop it," while Stone looked like she'd rather be anywhere else than there.

Getting Profiled By The Guardian

In an April interview with The Guardian, a reporter asked Garfield what he loved about Stone, and the actor responded with mock-anger. "What can I say? How about: 'Fuck off you fucking…'" he said, before laughing and saying,"no, I'm able to talk about her, but I want to protect something that I respect in my life... I don't want people watching me on screen to know about my dirty laundry." Fair enough, but come on, Garfield. Spill the details!

Being Interviewed in Vogue

Before the Good Morning America comment, this month's Vogue cover story on Stone was the closest the couple got to revealing their relationship. In it, Stone called Garfield "an incredibly important person" to her, and Garfield wrote in an email that he thanks his "lucky stars" that he gets to work with her every day.

Doing red carpet interviews

During the U.K. premiere of Spider-Man, an interviewer got excited after noticing that both Garfield and Stone had, separately, given the same answer to a question. "That's what your girlfriend said!", she told Garfield, who immediately responded, "who's my girlfriend? You're making an assumption about my personal life and my personal life is not public property."

Attending Comic-Con

Last July, Garfield attended Comic-Con for some early Spider-Man promotion, and was asked about the experience of working with Emma Stone and "the danger of taking work home." The actor's response? "Well, you're assuming something there, which I will not be commenting about." He went on to call Stone a "great gal" and a "wonderful person," but that was the extent of the romance-related comments.