Tonight's Met Gala Won't Be Livestreamed

by Erin Mayer

Fashionistas, you're out of luck — tonight's Met Gala will not be livestreamed. Unless you're on the guest-list, you won't be a getting a minute-by-minute update on fashion's biggest party of the year. Looks like us peasants will just have to read the news tomorrow morning to find out who wore who.

This year's Met Gala celebrates the opening of "Charles James: Beyond Fashion," the first exhibit to show in the newly-minted Anna Wintour Costume Center. Although none of the big names in attendance will actually be sporting Charles James, the fashion world is abuzz with excitement. This is one of the biggest style events of the year, with a guest list that includes Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the Olsen twins.

In the past, the event has been livestreamed for the viewing pleasure of those of us who can only dream of being in attendance. However, The Met announced via Twitter on May 5th that no livestream would be available at this year's event. One has to wonder if this is a consequence of Anna Wintour's desire to increase the exclusivity of the already exclusive party. Back in April, Hollywood Reporter wrote,

For the official opening of the newly renovated and renamed Anna Wintour Costume Center (to which Lizzie andJonathan Tisch donated a cool $10 million), a source tells THR, "Anna wants more exclusivity and high fashion" -- though one-half of April's cover, Kim Kardashian, is still on the invitation list -- and raised ticket prices from $15,000 to $25,000 per person.

She's cracked down on the guest list, so perhaps a livestream was just too gauche for the famous, sunglass-wearing EIC of Vogue. After all, if the FLOTUS will be attending this year, maintaining a high-profile is of the utmost importance.

Even though my name has unfortunately been cut from The List (okay, it was never on The List), I still plan on celebrating Mayhem-style by sporting a paper version of SJP's famous plaid McQueen from 2006. Who says the rich and famous get to have all the fun?