Sally Field Beats Julia Roberts in a Curse-Off & Has Been Preparing for this Moment Her Whole Life — VIDEO

"Why am I in a curse-off with the Flying Nun? How does this happen?" That's the question Julia Roberts asked herself, and a nation of Jimmy Kimmel Live viewers, on Monday night when she took part in an expletive-laced new game with none other than Sally Field. The rules for the competition were pretty simple: the two Oscar-winning actresses had to lob curse words back and forth (they had five seconds each to come with the dirtiest word that came to mind), and whoever had the most by the end of the round was declared the bleeping winner of the first-ever Celebrity Curse-Off.

Now, the best part isn't that Sally Field is eventually declared the winner, it's that she spends the entire game with an unfazed, unflinching look on her face while she effortlessly spouted words like "c**ksucker" and "twat" while the always-energetic Julia Roberts screamed and giggled her way through like an embarrassed kid. It was the best Steel Magnolias reunion we could have never imagined, but always knew in our hearts that we needed.

Of course, the whole thing is, admittedly, a little less fun to watch with all the censorship (while some are easy to understand, there's some that you'll need a good f**king lipreader to figure out what they're saying), it's still a blast to watch Sally Field, star of squeaky-clean movies like Forrest Gump and Homeward Bound, mop the floor with Julia Roberts, who had plenty of cursing practice in last year's August: Osage County. (Hell, Roberts even won her Oscar for the R-rated Erin Brockovich.) Watch the entire thing below. Well, maybe not you, Prince.

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Now, to the casual viewer it may have come as a surprise that the lovely Sally Field — the very same Sally Field earnestly, infamously declared "You like really like me!" — would win, and spectacularly at that, at a curse-off. Even merry prankster Jimmy Kimmel looked taken aback by Field's ability to come up with some truly bad words. But, come on, Sally Field is a bona fide badass, of course she was the champion here. Need proof aside from the Jimmy Kimmel Live bit? Here's just a sampling of some Sally Field badassery.

Her Resume Includes Movie Sagas Like Smokey and the Bandit The Amazing Spider-Man

Yes, she's been in some very serious fare like Places in the Heart (for which Field rightly won her second Oscar) and family-friendly flicks like Mrs. Doubtfire, but she is also a force to be reckoned with in male-driven fare like Smokey and the Bandit and both The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

That Said, She Played Norma Rae, One of the Best Female Roles in Movie History

You can certainly appreciate Field's ability to take on movies like Soapdish or Steel Magnolias, her work in Norma Rae is a performance (the one that got her her first Academy Award) to be admired. As a minimum wage worker who decides to stand up and unionize, Field not only played a cinematic feminist icon, but a character that speaks to the working class as much today, as it did in 1979.

She's Not Afraid to Speak Her Mind

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During her Emmy acceptance speech for her work on the drama Brothers & Sisters, Field -- an outspoken activist -- took an anti-war stance and declared "If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn wars in the first place."

She Fought Tirelessly to Land the Role of Mary Todd Lincoln in Lincoln

Field lobbied for the sought-after role for seven years, and it paid off. The performance earned the actress her third Oscar nomination.

She's 67-Years-Old and Looks Amazing As Ever

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As Field might say, "You're goddamn right!"

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