Sad Kanye Strikes Again at Met Ball in a Selfie With Lily Allen — PHOTO

You know the deal: Kanye West is always sad. Always. Nothing makes him smile. So here he is, back in full-fledged, sad Kanye mode. Except this time, we've got a selfie of Lily Allen with Kanye West taken at Monday night's Met Gala and it's an honest, in-the-moment, depiction of the fact that even when Yeezus meets Sheezus... Yeezus is best exemplified by a sad emoji. :(

There's no explanation for Kanye's sadness because there was plenty to be happy about at the Gala: all of the glorious outfits, the wild, show-stealing accessories, and even Beyonce's red carpet ring-drop (and Jay Z's, er, ring-save).

Lily Allen, the lady behind the jam "Sheezus", which has a shout-out to periods, was running rampant taking pics with other celebs at the Gala, so one could hope that the candid starlet might, just might get a crack of a smile out of a man whose inability to grin has achieved love from the Internet — but nope. Sorry. No such luck, Sheezus. So the story will go down that when Yeezus met Sheezus... Yeezus and Sheezus took a pic, and Yeezus did not smile.

Oh, well. One day, maybe! But for now, we've at least got this great pic of Lily Allen and Kanye West, a combo that you may not suspect to take a selfie together.

Check out Lily's sad Kanye pic below:

Actually, Lily Allen looks pretty sad, too. Maybe it's contagious? Now I'm also sad! Ugh. This is the worst.

Image: Instagram