'The Fault in Our Stars' Hazel & Gus in Amsterdam: See Instagram Pics From The Trip

Thinking about The Fault in Our Stars' Hazel and Gus having Instagram accounts dissolves an element of magic for me. The couple, which is looking to be one of the best on-screen romances of 2014, takes a memorable trip to Holland in the trip, where they visit the Anne Frank Museum and share a moment of innocent passion. Envisioning the teenage cancer patients taking a break from creating these precious memories to update their Instagram statuses and "like" one another's photos on the social media app seems not only unlikely, but uncharacteristic. Sure, they are both unbelievably witty and pop-culture knowledgable (think Lorelei Gilmore status), but these teens have more on their minds than taking selfies.

Nevertheless, in a unique marketing technique, 20th Century Fox has employed a series of "Instagrams" into a video promoting the film, showing Hazel and Gus' trip to Amsterdam, where they drink wine, visit historical monuments, and more. The idea seems just a little bit cheesy, but even we swooned as @Gusmayhem comments "You're beautiful" (correct grammar and all) on a photo of @hazelwearschucks.

What do you think — over the top marketing or cute video to get fans in the mood for the film's June 6 release?

20th Century Fox on YouTube

Images: 20th Century Fox