Avril Lavigne Responds to Awkward Photos With Huggy, Lovey-Dovey Pics — PHOTOS

Avril Lavigne’s recent comeback into the pop-o-sphere has had its fair share of awkward moments. From her offensive “Hello Kitty” music video to her recent “untouchable” $400 photo shoots with fans in Brazil, her return to the scene has been more than a little... complicated. The Internet went a-buzz after Lavigne's uncomfortable Brazilian meet-and-greet shots started making their rounds on Twitter but now, Lavigne is fighting back, and has started posting more photos from the series that are far less painful to behold.

The new images show Lavigne up close and personal with the people who spent a whopping $400 to have their picture taken with her, as opposed to the previous pics that show them all standing three feet apart. The singer also posted photos of her with athletes and advocates for the Special Olympics. She's evidently been a long-time supporter of the Special Olympics and set up her own foundation in 2010 that aids children and young people living with serious illness or disabilities.

Though her response to the racist claims against her “Hello Kitty” video were less than helpful, the way she reacted to the awkward photo shoot was altogether classy. Not only did she squash the awkward photos, she also reminded people that she’s human. Oh, and she’s also a human that does good work that helps people. When the Internet gets mean, sometimes you really do just have to kill ‘em with kindness.

How Canadian of you, Avril!

Avril went from this:

To this:

Image: Avril Lavigne/Twitter; yourdailygifs/Tumblr